fumes coming out of a boat at sea showing fire damage

Fire Safety Measures To Carry Out Before You Head To Sea

It’s one of the most feared events at sea, yet only few boat owners take…

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pet proof your home tips

How To Pet-Proof Your Home For A Happy Pet and A Happier Owner

Pets are mischievous creatures. Their curious natures urge them to get their paws and noses…

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mental health day

The Warning Signs of Mental Health Conditions

When people get a cold, they quickly head to the general practitioner for a check-up,…

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Comprehensive vs. Third-Party Car Insurance: Which One to Choose?

Once you rule out the traffic and the frenzied drivers scouring the roads, it’s easy…

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How To Become An Environmental Hero: At The Beach

With a fresh drink in hand and an unobstructed view of the gentle waves stretching…

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fun things to do on a boat in malta

Fun Things To Do On A Boat Besides Swimming

Winter is over… yes, you heard right! Although the sun is deciding whether or not…

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plane, sky, going on holiday, vacation

What NOT To Do Before Going On Holiday

Holidays are meant to infuse our lives with a relaxing aura, but the pre-planning process…

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motorcycle, bike riding, bike, motorcycle, malta

Ways To Stay Safe When Riding A Motorcycle

Getting on a one-seater, handlebars in hand and a sharp breeze hitting the cheekbones. One…

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woman singing, singing in the shower, healthy life

10 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Mind And Body

Do you ever feel like your restless life has transformed you into zombie marionette whose…

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blood test, cbc

How Blood Tests Can Discover Conditions You Might Not Know You Have

Blood is one of the most intriguing substances known to mankind. Made up of various…

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jeans jacket, love sign, valentines day

Choose The Right Valentine’s Day Gift And Find Its True Meaning

It’s the holiday for newbie lovers and veteran couples alike, and it will soon be…

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car accident, motor insurance, car claim

5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Rejected

Car accidents is not a topic anyone’s fond of discussing, but statistics are not getting…

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