home purchase

Home-Related Purchases That Will Increase The Value of Your Property

It is undeniable that, even up to this day, investing in property tops the list…

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best car insurance

What Does The Best Car Insurance Look Like

With all the possible car insurance options available, it is quite easy to get confused…

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covid travel safely

All You Need To Travel Safely After COVID-19

Whilst we cannot say the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, vaccines have enabled countries to…

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home insurance myths

True Or False? The Facts and Myths of Home Insurance

Even though home insurance has been around for decades, many are still apprehensive about what…

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keep house cool summer

8 Budget-Friendly Ways To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

There’s no denying that, with all of Malta’s typical summer beauty, comes the wicked trauma…

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covid-19 travel extension

All You Need To Know About The NEW COVID-19 Travel Extension

As many countries are gradually recovering from high COVID-19 infection rates, airports are once again…

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car essentials summer

6 Car Essentials You Need To Have This Summer

This summer, possibly more than any one we’ve yet experienced, promises new opportunities. After long…

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outdoor activities enjoy nature

8 Outdoor Activities Which Will Help You Enjoy Nature More

COVID-19 is not just a pandemic that left short or long-term physical effects on those…

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6 Fun Ways To Spend This Easter Socially Distanced

The 2021 Easter celebrations will also be remembered for keeping away from our loved ones…

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car claims

Top 9 Car Insurance Claims Questions And Answers

Opening a car insurance claim might feel like a complex situation, especially if you’re still…

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work-life balance

25 Simple Actions To Reach A Realistic Work-Life Balance

The statement “work-life balance” is a word that frequently feels larger than life. Our existence,…

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car makeover

10 Things You Can Do To Give Your Car A Makeover

Cars are not eternal objects. Wear and tear dilute their shine, constant use leaves its…

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