jeans jacket, love sign, valentines day

Choose The Right Valentine’s Day Gift And Find Its True Meaning

It’s the holiday for newbie lovers and veteran couples alike, and it will soon be…

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car accident, motor insurance, car claim

5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Rejected

Car accidents is not a topic anyone’s fond of discussing, but statistics are not getting…

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woman sitting down at home to represent peace of mind of home insurance

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Go On Without Home Insurance

Having your house irrevocably damaged is the stuff of nightmares. Time and money are sacrificed…

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person hugging a tree bark

Why Hugging Makes You A Healthier (And Happier) Person

Warm embraces make the world a better place. It’s no shocker that hugs make one…

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woman sitting on floor looking depressed as a result of mental health

Life Instances Which Can Impact Negatively On Mental Health

Emotional stress puts a toll on our physical and psychological health. The littlest transitions could…

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swimmers getting ready to jump during the christmas charity swim

5 Things You Need For The Thomas Smith Christmas Charity Swim

Splashes can already be heard in the distance and the excitement is reaching new levels.…

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street lights christmas in malta

Top Spots That Make Christmas In Malta A Feast For Sore Eyes

The festive season gives rise to a warm sense of content and togetherness. Christmas in…

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people dressed as santa clause about to jump in the sea for the thomas smith charity swim, christmas swim

Leave Swimsuits Within Easy Reach – The Thomas Smith Charity Swim Is Back

There’s a reason Christmas enthusiasts go overboard with merry excitement during this time of year…

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child wearing santa costume at the beach during a sunny day

5 Original Holiday Destinations You Need To Visit This Winter

The holiday destinations to-visit list always expands, but once the mainstream places start getting crossed…

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woman wearing pink shirt in support of breast cancer awareness

31 Breast Cancer Facts – One For Every Day Of October

Amidst the feast of pink, October symbolises the struggle for ongoing consciousness about Breast Cancer.…

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