unnecessary clutter

When the world we live in is becoming even more hectic and full of distractions, finding pockets of time to enjoy yourself and enable peace of mind is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Then again, that sense of calmness lies within easy grasp. The key is streamlining your life according to the element of importance each item carries and declutter not just your physical space but your responsibilities as well.

Explore practical tips that have been tried and tested, that will bring about stability and a sense of peace to your life and your mental well-being.


Dedicate a pocket of time to truly analyse your bank accounts, financial investments and bank loans. Understand how you may consolidate your different streams of earnings and organise your expenses. Don’t allow your spending habits or overdrafts to exceed their limit and generate a potential state of panic.

With this exercise, create a plan on how you may save a couple of extra Euros; consider them a bonus to treat yourself to a well-needed vacation or a savings pocket for a new purchase – whether it is a new wardrobe set, an upgrade to a kitchen appliance or invest it in a hobby. Financial stability is one of the main keys for personal freedom.


Whilst you might be tempted to set different insurance policies with different insurance suppliers, having to keep track of who you have to contact might cause unnecessary worries.

By consolidating all your insurance policies under one provider; whether it is a car or home policy, travel or business insurance; you will simplify your coverage and get the opportunity to rely on the expert advice of your insurer to make use of all the benefits they may offer.

Speak to your insurance provider to help assist you in selecting the best insurance products that suit your needs for adequate protection.


Some are naturally prone to program their life meticulously, to the extent of what to do in the spare time as well as when to dedicate time to crossing things off their to-do list. Others are more carefree; handling their agenda as they go along.

Whilst there is no right or wrong as each person has their own coping method, simple changes may enable a better way of life. That overwhelming feeling of having multiple tasks to settle can be tamed with a weekly schedule, setting goals or prioritising tasks based on their importance. Consider it a roadmap to an easier way of life.

This could simply be planning all the meals of the week in advance so overspending on shopping is reduced, utilising a planner or calendar to slot your appointments and avoid overlapping or even discussing way beforehand when to meet your group of friends.


Adopt an ‘’out with the old, in with the organised” attitude. It is time to bid farewell to chaos within your home; whether they are utensils you never use, a carpet that has seen better days and has been stored in the spare room for ages, or clothes that do not fit anymore.

The thrifting industry in Malta is gaining much hype and there might be a big demand for what you don’t use anymore. One could even make some extra cash out of selling unwanted items of good condition or donate what you can to charity shops that help the needy.

This doesn’t have to happen in one day. You may pick a particular time slot once a month and raid a cupboard; one at a time. You’ll be impressed by how much junk we tend to hoard over time! Whilst you’re at it, grab a damp cloth and give those cabinets a wipe too – it counts as a two-in-one job – clearing up and spring cleaning too! This comes with its own feel-good factor that may boost your mental health.


The digital platforms which we use have become a shadow of who we are. And whilst we might have been active on certain media for a while, it might be time to declutter these spaces.

Start off with your email inbox. If you’ve got multiple emails, think of the benefit of having just one for your personal product or shopping preferences and another dedicated to day-to-day communications. That means that any promotional info will reach one inbox, whilst an important email from the electricity and water department gets given priority in another inbox. That way, the vital stuff won’t slip your attention amongst the numerous discount codes.

Whilst you’re at it, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and place emails you want to keep within set folders based on their topics, such as bills, travel, and personal documents

Move on to social media. Review platforms which you do not use anymore and remove them from your phone. That means less notifications that clutter your home screen from time to time and more productivity. Take a look at apps you haven’t used in a while and put them in a separate folder. Disable any notifications from apps you don’t need constant reminders of. Keep the important app icons on the first screen for ease of access.

Whilst you are at it, consider adding a password manager app where you may store different app, website and phone passwords. This way, you won’t have to try multiple times to get logged into a system or go through the hassle of hitting Forgot Password and get eons of new emails to change it.


Giving yourself some self-love isn’t selfish. Explore different activities that nourish your body, mind and soul; whether it is reading a book in the balcony, going for a walk along the beach, head out for a tasty bite with friends, book a spa day or planning your next holiday.

It is essential to find time for yourself to maintain mental health balance and get ready for the next set of challenges life throws at all of us. Remember that simplicity is fundamental.

The journey towards decluttering is not about tidying up everything at once, or else it will be more overwhelming. Allow these tips to assist you in building a life of clarity and purpose. Transformation is one step away. Ready to get started?