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Do you ever feel like your restless life has transformed you into zombie marionette whose strings are twisted around by whatever pressing concerns life throws? Busy calendars are eating away slots of self-care time; filling them with work agendas, family engagements and weekly appointments.

Make it your life’s mission to squeeze some time for yourself – your body and mind deserve some rest. Keeping yourself in good shape, both physically and mentally, will help you go through days with a superior attitude.

Take a relaxing bath

Let warm water envelop you into a pleasant embrace and spoil yourself for 15 minutes. Put on some soft music to relax your mind. Drop a bath bomb or some essential oils to aromatise your skin and radiate the bathroom with a calming scent.

Massage your own legs

Knowing how and where to press to relieve muscles pressure is just a YouTube video Your tired muscles would appreciate a hot towel wrap and some tender presses. Relieve pressure from limb fatigue, treat swollen feet and ankles, and enjoy the soothing sensation.


Enjoy a warm brew

Herbal treatments are known to moderate anxiety and alleviate stress. A snug mug of goodness will only take 5 minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed before bed or in between daily tasks. Natural herbs infused with warm water are a great replacement for caffeinated drinks.

Write in a journal

A quiet mind has become a luxury. Declutter your thoughts with one-to-one time with your pen (or keyboard). Shut off all other distractions, find a cosy sitting position and let your brain wander. Explore your deepest notions, make a list of every little thing you are grateful for and scribble down the current struggles to ease your mind and lift your spirits.

woman writing down her thoughts on a journal at the beach


Formulate a good sleep schedule

Letting the basics slip during hectic periods comes naturally. Statistics show that on average, eight hours of sleep are needed every day to wake up geared up. Understanding how much slumber your body needs is vital to a healthy body and mind. Dosing off elevates the happiness factor, improves decision-making and nourishes the body.

Tune in to your favourite music

Prep up a playlist for every occasion and hit the play button when you need an emotional lift. It has been proven that favourite tunes have the power to muster peace, power and nostalgia. Overwhelm yourself with positive feelings whilst jamming in your car, plug in your earphones whilst running errands or blast your voice box under the refreshing droplets in the shower.

Treat yourself to a good meal

Apart from giving us energy and nutrients to help us be healthy, food is also the way to a person’s heart. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a spicy treat or a sweet feast. Try not to go overboard on high-fat foods, as bloating is a common side effect which will go against the objective of self-care.

Plan a holiday

Close your eyes and think about where you’d rather be if you had the ability to teleport. Countryside expedition, beach resort, city life… figure out what powers your mojo and do some quick travel searches. Plan time off to enjoy new surroundings, cultures and people. Let your wanderlust break your mundane routine. Plan the trip in advance if you’re an order freak or leave the itinerary at home if you crave spontaneous adventures.

woman travelling


Schedule time for yourself

A busy life might hold you back from enjoying your true self. Appreciating yourself will play a big role in self-content. Self-love is vital in building other meaningful relationships. Enjoy time-ff from the rest of the world and focus on what is truly important to you.

Laugh it out

Bursts of giggles trigger the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Laughter is indeed the best life medicine. Learn how to laugh with others and at yourself – it shows that you are too cool to care.