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The word ‘diet’ is the equivalent of a horror movie for some people. Getting rid of pleasing foods which harm the body and replacing them with high fibre and protein alternatives does not raise excitement levels to a new high.

Our bodies need the right nutrients to prosper. In a few days, we’re inviting fitness guru – Jessica Borg Ghigo, to share with us some methods on how to reboot ourselves from hectic mode to restore vitality to our bodies and lives. Meanwhile, we thought we’ll share some tips on how you can start off a healthy-living lifestyle by using these five ingredients in your meals.



People can’t get enough of them. Previously known as ‘alligator pears’, avocados didn’t become a worldwide sensation until the 2000s. With a hideous name and lack of skilled use, avocados never ventured out of Mexican cuisine. Following its rebranding, this fruit has now become a phenomenon. Passion for avocados is the hype with culinary aficionados on social media, and that’s all well and good considering its healthy carbohydrates and nutritional supplements. Studies show how adding avocados to your diet will help fight arthritis, boost your vision, maintain healthy skin and fight cancer.



Food too bland to stomach? Exotic spices transform boring meals into flavourful cuisine. Follow a recipe or improvise – the result will most definitely give your food a kick. Taste buds aren’t the only bodily element getting 360 degrees of goodness. Cumin has been proved to have weight loss factors, ginger calms upset stomachs, rosemary boosts brain activity and turmeric lowers the chances of heart attacks and dementia.



Salt has been in existence for millennia, to the point where no kitchen can be complete without a jar and no dish prepared without a sprinkle. Generations have bestowed a very important function on salt, making it the number one element to boost a dish’s flavour.

Whilst moderation is suggested at all time, salt is much more than a tableside seasoning – it prevents iodine deficiency, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves respiratory health and decreases excessive appetite.



Hailing from the pumpkin family, the squash instantly promises superior taste and unlimited nutrients. This fruit is a dynamo of vitamins, magnesium and potassium. It sustains eye vision, prevents lung cancer and fights infections. Incorporating it in a dish is quite easy – use it as a filling in tacos, sauté it for a soup or make it the healthier alternative to potato fries.



With the surge of meat alternatives, chickpeas have achieved newfound stardom. Packed with vitamins, fibre and minerals, these seeds are best served with a cold salad or mushed to form burger-like patties. If you’re skilled in the culinary arts, go ahead and produce your own meal creations. They can be eaten dried, canned, roasted, hot or cold. Did you know that these seeds have been considered a coffee alternative since the early 1800s? These superfoods are taking the world by storm, so much so that these seeds are now also being used to make yummy ice creams.

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Consuming fresh, healthy meals doesn’t need to be a pain; the key lies in choosing ingredients that satisfy the taste buds. Make your body a temple of wellbeing and stop treating a healthy lifestyle like it’s the plague. Whilst prevention is better than cure, no one can anticipate what the future holds. A secure Health Insurance plan will ensure you get the best treatment should you need it in the future.