Whilst we, as an insurance provider, are very accustomed to the industry in which we operate; we understand that many out there might be concerned or even lost when the topic of insurance comes up.

Here, we’re about to shed some light on how to make smarter choices when choosing a policy and keeping up with it. Different coverages come with their separate costs and those are reflective of the value of your asset which you want to protect.

Rather than seeing insurance as a liability in terms of your financial income, look at it as an investment of protection – when losses or damages happen, it is your insurance that comes into play.

Follow these smart insurance choices that will help you improve your insurance outlook. Sometimes, all we need is a small plan.


If you have been insuring similar items for a long period of time, such as a vehicle or a property, you may use it as a guide to plan the approximate amount your renewal will add up to next time round.

With this knowledge in hand, add all your policy costs up and divide them by 12 months. This will give you the amount of money you need to put aside every month; many times, a very minimal amount that doesn’t make a dent into your monthly expenses list.

By setting aside a small amount each month specifically for insurance, you’ll have a fund ready to go by the time your renewal notice arrives. Whether you do it manually with cash at home, automate it monthly through a Revolut or bank account, this will become part of your routine.

This approach not only eases the financial burden but also turns your policies into a proactive investment that gives you ultimate peace of mind.


Whilst many times we see insurance as “extra” to our expense list, in reality, the thought of those assets being unprotected is worrying.

Think about the contents of your house, which you have worked so hard to purchase and take care of. Would you imagine making do without them should you suffer a loss or damage to them? All your investment will go down the drain with no way to retrieve their value back except to take out money from your own pocket.

Whilst it is tempting to focus solely on the cost, the financial implications of being uninsured are far worse.


Before insuring your possessions, take a moment to evaluate their true worth. Sometimes, one might overestimate or underestimate the value of a possession.

Always consult the receipts of items you have listed under your home insurance, ask your insurer to review the value of your vehicle upon renewal and undertake services to keep your assets in tip-top shape.

Accurately assessing your assets ensures that you are neither overpaying nor leaving anything inadequately protected.


Certain insurance policies are set from years ago, yet life is dynamic and so are your insurance needs. Make a mental note to regularly review your policies to ensure they are aligned with the current life situation you are facing.

A major life event like an upcoming wedding might need additional home coverage to cover gifts stored at home during a short period of time. The addition of updating home appliances will require a review of your home insurance. A few changes to your boat might elevate its value which relates directly to the boat insurance you selected.

Make adjustments to your coverage as necessary.


Certain individuals opt for coverage from different insurers over time, whether it is because of their costs or practicality. In reality, linking your insurance policies to one provider can not only make it easier for you to deal directly with one company whatever the need, but may lead you to a discount for multiple policies.


Insurance is not only about protecting what is close to your heart, but also safeguarding your future. Make informed decisions and implement thoughtful choices throughout the year. Transform your insurance renewals from headaches to a strategy.