vintage home pieces

Money brings home the bacon, but there are some things riches can’t buy – and these are memories and nostalgia. The Maltese are known for hoarding their homes with family possessions one would easily let rest in the junk room.

We’re about to go down memory lane – some of these will surely make you say ‘Yep, got it’.


Nanna’s handwritten recipes and great grandpa’s photos dating back to World War II are some of the keepsakes we yearn to possess, or just like to flip through on Sundays after lunch. After all, our heritage can easily be traced back by these mementos.


There’s nothing as heart-warming as the parents’ love for their children, and whether it is a painting from Kindergarten days, or a trophy awarded at a sports day, these childhood treasures can be easily found in the kitchen or sitting room, usually hanging on the wall or on top of a shelf between a couple of frames.

children's drawing on paper


Rustic décor is always in season, and rest assured that in every Maltese house, you will find trinkets which managed to survive generations. These usually consist of china sets dating back to the early 1900’s, a crystal vase on top of the entrance cabinet, or a set of condiments in mason jars, containing Maltese honey and oil.

vintage cup part of a tea set


Items given with love are definitely what we Maltese treasure the most. These are the knickknacks we choose to place out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. 

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