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‘Tis the season for floral bouquets, white dresses and lots of champagne cheers. Amidst all the excitement gearing up to the Big Day, the couple is hoarded with preparations and decisions to make sure their first day as a married duo is picture perfect. One of the considerations should revolve around what to make of the money gifts received on the day. Deciding where all the cash will go is a big deal, so making the right choice is crucial.


Exchange those euros to your chosen foreign currency and hop on a plane to the other side of the world. The Bahamas has fascinating beaches to lounge around, South Africa’s wildlife will mesmerise your safari tours and Kyoto’s shrines in Japan offer complete tranquillity from the hectic city life. If the financial resources are less considerable, allow yourself a trip to your favourite Mediterranean destination.
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Fluff The House

Once you promised to live the rest of your life together, turning a house into a home is the next move. The property you’ve chosen will be forever part of your memories. Sprucing up your living space will give you renewed joie de vivre after the wedding festivities are over, and make the rest of your lives the beginning of a happy life together. Use the extra cash to make necessary changes; maybe a new kitchen, better furniture for the bedroom or slick accessories for the terrace.


Whilst it is highly tempting to splurge all, transform those money-stuffed envelopes into the basis of your future. Make your money grow by investing or place them in a profitable bank account. Make plans on how to use the funds in the future and keep track of every transaction. Should hard financial times hit, you’ll thank yourself for an emergency fund.

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Settle Pending Bills

The marriage vows include the words ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…’ but there’s nothing as dreadful as starting your married life with large sums of debts. Wedding ceremonies are planned based on the average guest gift, so couples reconcile their figures by paying off wedding-related debt with gift money. Not sure whether all the cash will cover the cost? Economise in style and still get the best wedding you ever wished for.

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If money is not a problem, embarking on a philanthropic journey will reap lots of rewards. Your money has the possibility to change people’s lives for the better. If just donating money does not fulfil you, dedicate some of your time to the needy – offer a shoulder to cry on or problem support. The feeling of giving and receiving lots in return will never leave you.

Together with money management skills, make your Big Day a stress-free occasion. Extend your present Home Insurance to cover money or gifts that are kept at home or being transported from one place to another. Ask our assistants about ‘Insurance for Special Occasion Gifts’ and start your lifetime of happiness on a good note.

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