new year

As the new year is starting to gear up, we can’t help ourselves but truly wish 2024 brings about the real best for us. The truth is, whilst we don’t have control over everything, we are the masters of our path. Whether it’s small or big decisions, the choices that we make have a whirlpool effect on our well-being.

Make your physical and mental health a priority this year, and embrace projects that enhance your life; however small the effect might be.

Our team shared lots of interesting new year resolutions they set for themselves, and some were too good to keep a secret. We’re sharing them right here; maybe a couple grab your attention and you consider making them yours.


As we’re freshly out of the Christmas season, we might get lost in the memories of the bliss and bling that came with the holidays. The reality of it is that there are individuals or organisations that would benefit from an hour of our time, or even our consideration.

Volunteering spreads positivity and makes a difference in the community you live in. It could be simply helping out at a local shelter for those in need, caring and taking care of dogs and cats who have been abandoned, organising a collection of used clothes or heading over to a local spot for a clean-up. Kindness can be contagious and your efforts will come back to you plentiful.


Let the Instagram world take a step back for a while and focus on enhancing yourself. In a world dominated by screens, we all need time to unplug and reconnect. Whether your detox is one hour a day or a whole weekend, consider alternative methods of leisure.

Undertake a new hobby, catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or just take a cool walk along the beach when the crowds are away. Your mental health will thank you for it.


Don’t let hobby inspirations sit blankly in your TikTok saved collections. If there’s one thing social media is ideal for, it is to discover how to transform little abilities into pure talents. Who knows… maybe a hobby could also become a small-business idea too.

In 2024, hop into the world of DIY, creative crafts, cooking or a cool sport activity. You’ll get something to look forward to after a day’s work and something that will make you feel truly proud of yourself.


Forget unhealthy diets or unrealistic fads. 2024 is all about picking an activity to enhance the way you feel or look. With a variety of new sports available to practice on the island, finding a group with the same mindful goal is within easy reach.

Daily activities could take a new direction and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact on yourself. Don’t wait up for friends to join you – doing something for yourself has incredible soul-boosting powers.


Whomever you speak to, they easily admit that life has become one speedy rollercoaster; whether it is work, raising a family, studying or taking on multiple responsibilities. Do one thing for yourself and allow the time to halt for just one day or two.

Need any ideas on how to make yourself a priority? Start from the little things, such as taking a walk in a new village, keeping a journal to detail your feelings, adopt a self-care routine or allowing yourself an extra hour of sleep. Make it your main priority this new year and don’t let it slide through the busy schedule.


Why work so hard when you barely enjoy the time to reap what you sow? If you’ve had a particular trip or country in mind for years, let 2024 help you cross that off the list.

A weekend retreat or an exotic vacation could transform your outtake on life and give you a mental boost you didn’t know you needed. By putting our routine on a halt, we allow ourselves to go on journeys of discovery and take some time to truly consider what are our priorities in life.


There are enough posters, events and marketing reminders going round to remind us of the need to consider the trajectory of the planet we call home. In today’s day and age, we know this is not a phase but a reality we are living.

Do your part too and it’s a guarantee to make you feel like a better human. From grabbing craft paper to wrap presents instead of designed ones, to separating your garbage properly or even considering giving yourself a treat that is sustainable, such as a car. Investing in an electric car is easier to do now, thanks to various government schemes and credit options from banks.


It is no secret that Malta’s economic situation is becoming tight for everyone, irrespective of the job you do or salary you earn. Take control of your income by introducing a monthly savings plan as a first step. It could be €50 or €500 – whatever your revenue allows.

Keep your savings far away from your spending accounts so you are not tempted to indulge unnecessarily. After 12 months of saving, take a look at the total and feel proud of your achievement.

Alternatively, make a power move by investing in something that doesn’t lose value: property. Learn how to budget your income and start saving for your dream home.

If you already have more than one property in hand, consider renting one out to generate an extra income for yourself, for you to enjoy as you wish. Always make informed decisions and never forget a landlord insurance to secure your investment.


When an idea hits, it is best to consider its potential; especially ones that open up new business doors for you. Let your fears aside and have faith in yourself.

Investing in your own business can have long-term benefits on your income as well as your own self-esteem. Protect your new venture and draw your own path.


If 2023 were to teach us something, it is that when dark clouds breach our happiness, we should never lose hope on better times. Each day has something to be grateful for; whether it is waking up with the alarm clock instead of late, cooking a new dish that was a hit, managing to watch an episode or read a chapter before bed, or even getting a nice thoughtful gift.

All these good times might slip away with time, but taking a photo of every good occasion can help you remember the good times. Swipe through your photo albums to re-discover sensational happenings in your life. Consider making your own photo journal, so that when hard times, the collection of memories will remind you of all the beauty that is around you.