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Every new year brings with it hopes and dreams, so let this be the excuse to mark 2024 as the year of travelling; whether it will include one big trip or a series of them. Allow travel to give your mental health a serene boost it requires from the daily responsibilities of life, and explore new destinations you might have never considered before.

We’ve prepared a curated list of captivating places that promise unforgettable experiences; allowing you to uncover the magic that makes each one of these places a must-see for 2024. Get your suitcases polished up, as adventure awaits. Your wanderlust might go haywire once you discover more about them!


Explore one of the bounties of Europe within the Portuguese borders, as the Douro Valley becomes a paradise for connoisseurs and aficionados of wine.

Delight in the charms of the terraced vineyards, charming villages and do not step off Portuguese soil within trying the renowned Port wine – the only place in the world where this type of wine can be made.

Head over to the North of Portugal for a feast for the eyes and tastebuds in time for harvest season in September or enjoy the area during spring time for more pleasant weather.

douro valley portugal


The African continent is lush with captivating landscapes and idyllic experiences. Zanzibar is known as “The Spice Island”, given its use as a spice plantation centuries ago where the roots still bless the locals with an abundance of supplies, such as nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon and many more.

This archipelago fascinates visitors with rich history, a vibrant culture and pristine beaches ideal for snorkelling and many other types of water sports activities.

Experience the majesty of this jewel within the Indian Ocean during July to October, where the dry weather allows for ideal beach days.

zanzibar tanzania


The Japanese sure know how to mesmerise the eyes, with Kyoto taking the spotlight thanks to its captivating blend of ancient temples, traditional tea houses and modern art scenes. Marking Japan’s 7th largest city, Kyoto takes its resounding history and blends it with the present.

Home to more than 1,500 Buddhist temples, this city offers magnificent views and numerous torii gates to explore – traditional gates that symbolically portray the transition to a sacred spot within Shinto shrines.

Should the home of 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites interest you, head over there during spring for the cherry blossom season or autumn to admire the vibrant foliage around.

kyoto japan


This marvel is where volcanoes meet Māori myths. New Zealand’s North Island is said to be the birth place of early Māori settlements back in the 11th century. This rich heritage is married to geothermal wonders and lush landscapes that makes North Island worth having on the radar.

Its vibrant cities offer travellers loads of new opportunities, whilst the hot springs allow for much needed relaxing time in a completely new space and environment. Let these natural attractions entrap your wander as you discover the captivating traditions of the Māori culture. 

The best time to visit is between October and April, where you can experience waterfalls at their fullest, great walks and vineyard tours popular during spring.

north island new zealand


Embark on a completely new experience whilst staying within Europe. The Rila Monestary is a truly majestic sight to admire, with its architecture and frescoes dating back to Ottoman rule between the 15th and 19th century and symbolises the creative prowess of this Balkan area.

Tucked within the scenic Rila Mountains, this spiritual and architectural location boasts various activities for those looking for something unusual; such as exploring the cloisters, visiting farming sites and the church, as well as stepping into the museum on the Monastery’s grounds.

This is a retreat best experiences in spring, between May and June or autumn, particularly September and October.

rila monastery bulgaria


If you are after a summer destination, Mongolia offers the best experiences; with endless steppe, nomadic traditions and the famous Naadam Festival, where horseracing, wrestling and archery are given centre stage.

During your time there, delve into the rich Mongol nomadic way of life and head to the Gobi Desert, where you may ride two-humped Bactrian camels, climb the Khongor sand dunes and learn more about the dinosaur fossils found within this area.

Get your camping gear ready as you explore the least densely populated country on Earth and become enchanted with the beauty that will surround you.

gobi desert mongolia


The iconic overwater bungalows on stilts that can be found on this magical island are enough to get you excited for a potential trip to the jewel of the South Pacific Ocean. Did you know that this island was once used as a military supply base during World War II?

Bora Bora is a dream destination for those who want to relax under the Polynesian sun, swim in crystal-clear lagoons protected by coral reef and admire the vibrant marine life that call this island ‘home’.  It is a haven for romantics at heart, thrill-seekers or even those who want to soak in the lap of luxury.

Consider heading there between May and October to experience picture perfect surroundings throughout your stay.

bora bora french polynesia


This is a destination for those bold at heat and ready for an amazing trek! As an area, Patagonia is spread across two countries – the majority within Argentina and a smaller share in Chile.

Within this Spanish-speaking region, those in love with nature will fascinate at towering glaciers and colossal mountain landscapes; exposing themselves to the diverse ecosystems in which wildlife and vistas are a guarantee.

If birds are an area of interest to you, keep an eye out for an Andean condor flying around. Head there between November and March to enjoy a bit of warmth and longer days.

patagonia argentina chile

Don’t forget to secure your travel insurance once you book your tickets and travel with confidence.