best car insurance

With all the possible car insurance options available, it is quite easy to get confused amongst the quotations, calculations and fine print. Your focus shouldn’t be on bagging the cheapest policy; because as the Maltese saying goes – “tiġik iz-zalza ogħla mill-ħuta”.

The car insurance policy you select should be the one that fits the right boxes for YOU. Watch out for the aspects we’re about to mention below and see which one ticks the best boxes.


The reason behind getting an insurance policy in the first place is to get as much protection as you require. Hence why there are three policy cover options available: comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, and third party only policies.

The first decision to take should be to decide whether you want to benefit from protection for your own car or not. If you are willing not to protect your car following any sort of damages, then third-party only is the best solution. Whilst a third-party fire and theft policy covers your car against fire & theft damage and third-party damages you might incur, a comprehensive policy includes much more protection. Learn about all the details included in each and choose wisely.


It is definitely one of the key factors that many forget to consider when analysing car insurances. Your policy will serve its purpose when trouble hits, and that is when you require the most assistance and guidance.

Review the methods by which you can contact your insurer and request direction on what to do should you need to open a claim. Having an effective claims department means that there is a better possibility of getting an expert to assist and guide you quicker and more efficiently.


Having an insurer with a high level of expertise in the field will give you the peace of mind that when certain concerns arise, they are equipped to deal with them promptly and skilfully. 

As with many other things, expertise comes with experience and an insurer that has been in the field for a good number of years reflects that they have offered qualified services to other customers exceptionally.


The reason why getting an insurance policy requires some groundwork is that there is no one-size-fits-all cover.

When requesting a quote, feel free to add any notes that you deem are important to make sure that the terms provided meet your needs. Your insurer will also forward questions to assist them in understanding your needs better, but it is ideal that you are proactive too.

At the renewal stage, discuss a re-evaluation of your policy and vehicle market value and inform your insurer should your priorities change.


As with all the purchases that we do, the price at which it is offered is many times a vital factor in its selection. Beware of absurd low prices – they usually come with a hidden catch that you might not be able to handle when the alarm clock strikes.

In reality, motor insurance policies offer good value for money for the level of protection you need. Consider the daily cost of your policy and compare it with other daily purchases you do – that’s how you can understand the real cost behind it. Good car insurers will also offer you discounts if you insure more than one vehicle or if you have more than one insurance policy. Your insurer may also offer to add a free roadside assistance membership with selected policies, which means it won’t have to come at a separate cost.  

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