Once you rule out the traffic and the frenzied drivers scouring the roads, it’s easy to realise why driving is indeed a liberating experience. The invigorating feeling of independence gives drivers stamina to face the daily headaches of dealing with the circus acts one can only witness on the road. 

By law, all vehicles have to be covered by an insurance policy. But the question always lands on what type of policy to opt for. We decided to dismiss the rumours and reveal what you get with either a comprehensive cover or a third-party policy, which will help you make a confident decision.

If the vehicle value is high, it might be suitable to go for a superior protection plan. This will cover damages, even if they are on the expensive side. If the vehicle value is low, damage repair can be cheaper to pay than a higher premium.
COVERAGECovers damages to your own vehicle, as well as accidental damages to third-party vehicles and injuries caused to others following an accident.Covers only accidental damages to third-party vehicles and injuries caused to others following an accident.
PERSONAL BELONGINGSExpenses following the loss or damage caused to personal belongings in or on your car following fire, theft or an accident are covered.
Should the policyholder or spouse suffer from accidental bodily injury whilst in the car or while getting into it, payment up to €4,000 and €8,000 is payable.
Replacement or repair to the car windscreen, sunroof or windows is included if lost or damaged. Scratches to the car’s bodywork resulting from glass breakages are covered.
The no claim bonus is not affected and no excess is payable when claiming loss or damage to in-car entertainment equipment fitted by the manufacturer following a theft.
KEYSA €500 payment is covered to replace door locks, ignition and steering wheel lock, transmitter and central locking interface should keys get lost or stolen.
CHILD SEATUp to €150 is paid per child seat should it get lost or stolen following an accident.
COURTESY CARGranted at an additional premium. Granted at an additional premium.
PREMIUMSIt is more expensive than a third-party cover, given it provides extensive coverage.It is cheaper than a comprehensive cover, given it covers damages to third-parties only.

Ready to pick a winner? Although comprehensive coverage comes at a slightly higher premium, consider the enhanced compensation package you’ll get at the end. Don’t try to save money by gambling away your peace of mind. Economise by reducing unnecessary expenses on your car insurance, consider all the key factors and make the right choice for you and your ride.

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