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No need to renounce first-class service to get a cheaper rate. Follow these six methods and easily reduce expenditure on the yearly car insurance payment.



The no-claim bonus gives drivers a considerable discount on the insurance amount payable. Whether it’s an indicator signal or halting on a STOP sign, obeying road rules helps drivers keep a good driving record and reduces the risk of being involved in accidental collisions.



Good road conduct includes following speeding rules, parking in correct designated areas and following all driving regulations. Fines should be paid immediately, or else the total amounts will increase and you’ll end up paying much more.

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Put on your bargain hunter hat on and keep an eye out for available discounts. Ask your insurer whether multiple policies get you a good discount and how much. We, at Thomas Smith, offer a cut-back on your annual insurance amount payable if you insure both your home and car with us.



Listing additional drivers on your policy will make the costs surge due to liability coverage, so consider only people who frequently make use of your car to keep costs under control. Avoid listing drivers which are under the age of 25 years, as this will add a costly charge to your annual premium. Always check the terms and rates with your insurer.


On paper, fully comprehensive premiums may seem more expensive in comparison to third-party fire and theft policies. The truth is, a driver gets more coverage with fully comprehensive insurance, such as repair of your own car, coverage in the case of damage from natural elements, loss of car keys, as well as compensation of medical expenses following an accident.

Don’t let misconceptions such as a high rate stop you from getting the right coverage. Car insurance is not as expensive as you may think. Check all the amounts included in the premium with your insurer and read through the insurance policy for full details. Don’t risk buying a cheap policy from an unreliable provider. If it’s time to shop around, visit our offices in Luqa and discuss policy rates with our representatives.