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Car insurance is looked upon by many as the necessary evil – that cheque we have to sign every year to cover the eventuality of a car accident or damage. The same money we’d rather spend on clothes, a trip or the latest gadget.

Have you ever wondered if that yearly amount is really as hefty as it looks? No need to do the math, we’ve got it covered for you and these results are pretty impressive!

1. Ice Cream

Yes, eating gelato on a daily basis costs you more than investing in a ‘safety net’ for your car. Good ice cream can always be explained, but peace of mind is a greater priority.

2. Wine

Hold on to your vino, because it won’t like this next one. A bottle of your favourite grape juice a day costs you more than the sum you end up paying daily for your car insurance policy.

3. Fuel

Last but not least, driving the car costs you more than insuring it. It is calculated that we spend an approximate amount of €5 daily on fuel.

Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, a hit-and-run or nature’s elements caused damage to your car’s body, a comprehensive motor insurance covers all repair costs, and get also free year-long roadside assistance.

While we can all agree that receiving an insurance renewal notice is not what we wake up wishing for every morning, this sure saves you from difficult situations. Consider the policy as your car’s guardian angel – we all need one!

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