home purchase

It is undeniable that, even up to this day, investing in property tops the list of one of the best decisions a person could make. The initial pay-out might be substantial, but over time, your nest will keep increasing in value. Whether you’d like to keep calling it “home” for years to come, or could even consider selling it in the future for a profit, whatever you invest within it should not take away from future earnings.

If you find yourself wishing for an upgrade, watch out for new home additions that will give the value of your house an additional boost for years to come. Read on to learn which purchases will enhance the market price of your dwelling.


The weather on the island takes quite a turn when seasons change – from infernal heat in the summer months to high humidity and wet conditions in winter.

Even though many houses are powered up with AC units to stabilise the temperature inside, having fully insulated windows and doors could help keep out extreme heat in summer and biting chill in winter. Not to mention they will heavily reduce noise pollution from the street! It will be a big improvement to your daily life and helps ramp up the property’s market value.

home purchase windows


Whilst changing completely from a manual to a motorised one might impact your pockets, there’s no comparing the ease of use and reduction in noise pollution of a garage door that operates with a simple press of a button.

Gone are the squeaks of the door opening or jangling keys against the door frame. Not to mention the practicality of a motorised system should a member of the household not have enough strength to push the door open due to injuries or old age.


The kitchen area was and will always remain the hub of the house. It’s where your invited guests gather and the room in which you might spend most of the time. Should you be considering to sell your property, any potential buyers will enjoy a sigh of relief when they notice the kitchen doesn’t need to be completely gutted out.

Remodelling your kitchen doesn’t require thousands of euros of investment. Instead of opting for a completely new one, give the cupboards a bit of a spruce up with a deep clean and a splash of furniture paint. Install new knobs for the drawers and replace the sink mixer to remove any long-standing grime or rust.

home upgrade kitchen frenchic


Good thing Black Friday is around the corner! White goods whose high performance doesn’t contribute to wasted energy are nowadays considered essential within every home. Whether it’s the fridge, washing machine or a dehumidifier, energy-efficient appliances will surely increase the value of your property and reduce ongoing expenses.


Don’t let random stuff just lie around wasting space. Whilst you might not need an additional bedroom at the moment, the chances of selling at a higher price if you have a basic one set up are better.

Opt for a space-saving sofa bed and install a basic wardrobe which can be used to keep any extra clothing you might not use on a daily basis, cleaning supplies or everyday tools.

home purchase sofa bed


Run down open spaces hardly invoke any pleasure. No need to go overboard with the expenses. Visit some of Malta’s garden centres or gardening shops, pick up a couple of plants that go well with the amount of sun or shade that you have within the open space and add some benches.

Let the new look serve as a peaceful space to spend your free time and watch the property’s value go up if you ever decide to sell.