car essentials summer

This summer, possibly more than any one we’ve yet experienced, promises new opportunities. After long months having outdoor activities restricted and being limited on who to meet, the 2021 sunny season feels like a new dawn.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, the situation is positively better. And there isn’t a fitter season to celebrate it in style (but with caution, nonetheless). Preparation is always key, and part it involves making sure the driving wagon is equipped with all necessities you might require.

So put away some of your car essentials you’ve been using during the chillier weather, to make space for some summer must-haves.

Talcum powder

Out of all the apparel disregarded during the hotter season, it is definitely talcum powder. This bottled invention can become quite handy for little ones and adults alike.

Many parents swear by its ability to dry up wet sand on hands and toes to easily allow sand to be wiped off. It’s especially superb to rid sand from those tricky little cracks in between toes! Furthermore, you won’t need to carry jerrycans of water long distances to ensure the kids and the car remains sand-free. 

car essentials talcum powder


Whether you’re off for a road trip to Gozo or an expedition to an undiscovered beach in Malta, a navigational phone app will help you get there in the shortest time possible.

With internet data eating away your battery life, having a spare charging wire to give your phone some life will ensure your excursion will surely be harmonious without any wrong turns.


As of July, all those fully vaccinated will be allowed to roam freely without a mask if within the company of two people. However, as the sunny season entices larger groups to outdoor places, it is essential that masks are kept handy and are worn when in the company of crowds.

Masks can be stained, torn, dirtied or lost; hence why having a clean set handy will keep your mind at rest. Opt for reusable masks that are frequently washed instead of disposable to keep the environment safe.


A pack of first aid should be a staple in every car; more so during summer when outdoor activities are rife and the likelihood of injuries such as jell fish stings, are greater. Invest in a small pouch you can keep safely in your glove compartment. Remember to replace supplies once they get used.


Many groceries and confectioneries are trying to cut down on plastic use by encouraging customers to get their own bags. You might occasionally need to purchase something unexpectedly, so keeping one spare in the car will save you from the extra expense of a new bag and allow you to cut down on the use of plastic. A cloth hold-all that easily folds in a small space without getting in your way is the best solution.

reusable bag car essentials summer


It’s no news that prolonged sun exposure causes problems both in the short-run and long-run. As much as anybody loves a nice tan, the lobster look doesn’t suit anybody. Neither does the fatigue, dehydration and pain that comes along with it. Not to mention the skin damage you’ll be exposed to.

Invest in a sun shelter which protects you from harmful sun rays whilst you can still enjoy the beach. It’s a great add for the kids and adults alike.

sun tent car essentials summer