winter car essentials

When the weather turns chilly and wet, drivers need to consider adding more equipment than usual, which might save them from a dreary driving day. Don’t get on with your commute without having these winter driving essentials.

Jump Start Cables & Starter Kit

Extreme temperatures tamper with the battery life. Although the Maltese are lucky not to experience freezing temperatures, the sizzling summers versus winter’s sudden drop in temperatures might be the catalyst that ends the last shreds of battery life. Don’t depend on a good Samaritan to jolt your car back to life – a starter and jumper cables can easily give you enough power to head to the electrician for a new box of life.

jump start cables


Whether you’re still oblivious to the manoeuvres to change a tyre, don’t know how to operate a jump start cable or experience a temporary fault during driving, roadside assistance is the saviour of the day. Having the company’s details as well as the original certificate of insurance handy will save you time. Keep documents within easy reach – the glove compartment is a safe place to consider.

Windscreen Wash

If you’ve ever been stuck with a dirty windscreen, you know what it means to have to peep your way through a clean spot. Having high visibility is a must for safe driving and a spare can of windscreen wash will save the day after a dirty tempest.

windscreen wash

First Aid Kit

You’ll never know when you need a bandage, distilled water or a pair of tweezers. Emergencies come at the least expected time and being prepared makes all the difference. Check out all you need to handle any emergencies that might arise whilst driving.


With winter days wrapping up as early as five in the afternoon, having a spare light source can save you from frustration and despair. Whether you lost something amongst the front seats or need to change a tyre, that teeny indoor car light or street lights might not offer much brightness. Don’t rely on your mobile torch – it’s not a waterproof solution should it be raining.

torch in car


It seems that every rainstorm is accompanied with rough winds, so umbrella breakages are common occurrences. Keep one in the glove compartment for easy access and one in the boot as a spare. One can never have too many umbrellas.

umbrella in car