driver calling roadside assistance

As indispensable as a car is, problems are bound to occur which puts many drivers at a standstill. Some might be well-trained to deal with certain vehicle malfunctions, others wouldn’t know the difference between a chassis and a crankshaft.

Luckily for all, roadside assistance is the road buddy everyone longs for. When car problems hit (usually at the worst of moments), you can rest assured you’ll have professionals looking into the issue. Ever suffered from any of the below? Here’s how a roadside assistance membership can help – you’ll also get it for free with a motor insurance policy for vehicles up to 3500 kilos. 

Flat Tyre

Changing a flat tyre is generally a swift and easy process, but if you’ve never tried it out before, you won’t manage easily as you’re stranded on the side of the road. Imagine you’re all dressed up for an event or an important meeting? Getting your garments dirty is definitely not on your mind. A car breakdown cover will offer to change it for you.

flat tyre call roadside assistance

Towing Service

Certain car breakdowns arise from more serious mechanical problems which cannot be fixed there and then. Suffering from a car collision might leave you unable to hit the road again. The safest way to head to the mechanic is by towing service. Ad hoc towing fees might be overpriced. Having the roadside assistance company on call whenever you require will soothe your worries.

towing services roadside assistance


A battery breakdown is a very common occurrence. Batteries usually serve for approximately four years. Once it dies, a replacement is all that is required. Ideally, all drivers should be equipped with a driving emergency kit, which contains jump-start cables to help you get going on your way again. If you’re not familiar with the technique, call the professionals – roadside assistance can do it for you.


Drivers can be segregated into three distinct groups – ones that eagerly head to the petrol station for a re-fill once the fuel gauge hits ¼, others that love the thrill of driving around for days with the fuel tank almost empty and other drivers who seem oblivious to the fuel gauge moving downwards.

Refraining from a gas top-up will eat away fuel stored at the very bottom of the tank, which is not at its purest form and can cause serious damages. If you’re stranded with no petrol station in sight, give your 24-hour roadside assistance company a call and they’ll head over with the perfect liquid solution. Certain charges may apply. 

fuel refill roadside assistance


Lost, stolen or misplaced keys? It’s a minor complication – one which can leave you helpless. When the spare key is kilometres away, roadside assistance is the best assistant.

Car breakdown assistance is offered on a 24-hour basis, so whether you’re stuck in the morning traffic or blocked during the middle of the night, the roadside operators are always there to lend a helping hand. Speak with our insurance representatives to see whether you qualify for free ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP to roadside assistance with your motor insurance policy.