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Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Whether you’re on a road trip abroad or using your car for everyday commute, stocking the compartments with necessary supplies can save you time and worry. You won’t think much about them until you are in dire need of a quick solution.


Car manufacturers take considerable efforts to ease driving experiences. Nevertheless, some modern models are not equipped with tyre change facilities, which might leave you stranded in an emergency. Make sure to have a repair kit such as a jack and a lug wrench, as well as a torch with working batteries, in case you end up with a flat tyre in the middle of the night. Alternatively, invest in a 24/7 breakdown service and rest at ease – we offer free roadside assistance with every motor insurance policy, so you can drive anywhere with peace of mind.

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The childhood version of easily fixing things still applies when you’ve hit adulthood. Although a quick taping will not fix a problem straight away, having a duct tape roll in your car will save you from an unexpected mess. Say your exhaust pipe just fell off… you don’t need to drag it along the roads all the way to the mechanic’s and damage it even further. Use some duct tape to fasten it tight to the underside of the car for a temporary fix.

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Malta’s random storms are sometimes accompanied by heaps of dirty rain showers. The rain’s imprints turn cars into spotted-like fabric and seem to encourage youngsters to draw Wash Me on the dirtiest of vehicles. How many times have you realised you’re out of wiper fluid and end up smudging your windscreen, making it even more unbearable to see through the gaps? A 2-litre clear water bottle can be a lifesaver in such situations. Just make sure to keep the container out of the sun’s reach, as it might turn into a fire hazard.

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How many times have you left the house in a hurry and forgot your purse? A couple of banknotes stashed in a safe compartment can come to the rescue when you’re running low on fuel or won’t manage to go to the ATM. Some change can save you an extra trip home to get cash for an impromptu shopping trip. Keep the coins and banknotes out of the common eye’s view, as it might attract burglars’ attention. Roll up the notes and place them in an empty lipstick case or in an envelope in your glove compartment between your insurance papers. Stash some change in your car’s ashtray and cover it with a packet of tissues.

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Driving and good vision go together like a picture in a frame. You should always have an extra set of prescription glasses safe in your car in case your current ones get broken or damaged, or your contact lenses get tricky. If you struggle to drive in the mornings, it’s best to wear sunglasses at all times, to ensure your vision is road worthy and to avoid accidents.

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For those hectic parents who undergo a lot of commuting, keeping a small box of knickknacks for the little ones to waste the time away will mean fewer tantrums during the drive.

You might not have enough space in your car to stuff items for ANY eventuality, but smart drivers are always prepared.