covid travel safely

Whilst we cannot say the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, vaccines have enabled countries to relax their stringent travel measures and allow foreigners to move around with much more ease to enjoy exploring and holidaying once again. Travel has become safer through the availability of insurance coverage which offers extended peace of mind through these turbulent times.

Make travelling a reality once again, but remember to do it safely. It is always suggested to do some basic research about your chosen destination prior to booking. Watch out for the travel requirements listed below, which might be expected to allow free movement between Malta and your destination country


The dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed governments and their respective health authorities to issue codes of conduct in relation to travel. Within the latest months, these regulations have become more commonly known as the lists of safe or unsafe countries of travel from Malta; referred to as the green, amber or red.


The fight against the repercussions of COVID-19 was initiated through a worldwide vaccination campaign, which has seen more than 2 billion people being fully vaccinated till September 2021. As some countries are requesting that visitors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, others are allowing safe entry to travelers who can provide a negative PCR test done a couple of hours prior to their arrival date.

In the case of vaccinated individuals, they are required to present their digital or printed vaccine certificate which showcases they have been fully vaccinated. Otherwise, proof of a negative PCR test is required to allow entry. It is best to check the exact requirements of the country you are visiting as provisions may change accordingly.

vaccine certificate


Travel in itself has changed – and therefore, so has travel insurance. Whilst the standard travel covers still apply, insurance providers are now offering additional protection against losses that might arise when abroad due to COVID-19.

Discover how you may benefit from enhanced peace of mind with just an additional small fee for a COVID-19 Extension to your standard travel insurance plan.


As the world has become accustomed to keeping our distance and wearing safety face masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19, countries all over the world have their own requirements as to what type of masks need to be worn and where.

Whilst countries such as Malta allow any type of masks to be worn as long as it covers the mouth and nose, other places occasionally impose regulations on mandatory surgical masks. Contact the country’s respective embassy in Malta for expert advice.


Some European countries are requesting travellers to fill in digital Passenger Locator Forms which includes individual details and a list of places on the passenger’s travel list. This is done to assist authorities with tracking movement across countries.

Such a form could be mandatorily requested upon your arrival, so make sure it is previously filled in prior to boarding so that you do not encounter any problems along the way.

Keep in mind that travel requirements are continuously changing; so, seek advice from competent authorities to conform with the latest regulations.