sailing trip to greece

Blue skies, enchanting waters and breath-taking scenery – no it’s not Comino’s Blue Lagoon, but our Mediterranean neighbour, Greece. The archipelago has an approximate 6,000 islands spread across the Ionian and Aegean Sea, which makes the destination an exciting prospect for all sailing fanatics.

With so many unknown treasures ready to be explored on each island, we don’t blame your confusion about which places to navigate to. Luckily for you, we’re about to give prominence to some extraordinary spots you can wander to whilst island hopping across the Greek archipelago. Each one offers something spectacular that the one before doesn’t. Ensure you travel with a large crew to get some well-deserved rest whilst sailing from one island to another.

See The Stars In The Sky And On The Big Screen In Spetses

Distance: 790km (426 nautical miles) from malta

As your boat gets close to this island, you’ll realise why they call it the island of pines. The greenery standing in front of you knows its origin thanks to one man who planted 100,000 pine trees across his lands and gave them away to the locals on his death. This heroic deed transformed Spetses into the idyllic paradise it is today. Take a night off boat duty and enjoy an open-air cinematic experience unlike no other at the Cine Tatiana with mezes fit for a king.

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Replenish Your Medicine Chest From Hydra

Distance: 29km (15 nautical miles) from Spetses
Standing just two hours away from Athens, this fully-pedestrian island will take your breath away from the moment you step off your boat. When you reach land, head to Rafalia’s Pharmacy – the only method of transportation available is via a donkey. A drugstore is not normally on anyone’s itinerary route, but this one should not be missed. The pharmacy itself is an attraction, considered as the oldest dispensary in Greece. Admire the architecture of the mansion it is hosted in. Their variety of hand-made lotions and soaps make the best mementos, given the history that stands in their century-old recipes.

Bathe In The Essence Of Lemons In Poros

Distance: 17km (9 nautical miles) from Hydra
The calmness of the sea might invite you stay onboard as you reach Poros, but a stroll within the Lemon Forest that sits on Peloponnese will cultivate a greater sense of serenity. With an estimated 25,000 trees and a waterfall in its midst, this garden of Eden gives visitors the opportunity to stroll around nature’s beautiful wonders. Let the citrusy waft embrace you like perfume, you’ll definitely end up carrying it all the way back to your sailing boat.

Savour Seed Delicacies In Aegina

Distance: 19km (10 nautical miles) from Poros
When your appetite for a sweet delicacy kicks in, ensure your boat is gliding close to Aegina.  Apart from the Apollo and Aphaia temples, this island’s identity is tied with a particular delicacy – pistachios. Referred to as fistiki Aeginis, these snacks have been declared a Protected Designation of Origin by the EU. Anchor at port for a pistachio shopping spree and choose from classic or chocolate-covered ones, amongst a selection of treats made from these seeds. You might want to hoard some for the remaining boat trip… you’ve been warned.

Find Time To Visit An Unusual Swimming Spot In Crete

Distance: 300km (161 nautical miles) from Aegina
You won’t be missing the beaches as you sail through the Greek isles; the islands are overflowing with azure shores. You’ll only be able to come face-to-face with one that takes the title of The One with The Best Looking Sand. Elafonisi Beach is protected by Natura 2000, given its blanched sand with pink shades and some 110 rare plant species. With a mountainous view, you might be reluctant to get back onboard and sail to the next destination.

Explore The Heights In Corfu

Distance: 700km (377 nautical miles) from Crete
Swap your decking shoes for a pair of sturdy sneakers when you reach Corfu. Angelokastro will dominate over you as your sailing boat is slowly steered towards Corfu, but this ancient ruin requires face-to-face admiration, as it sits atop the island’s highest peak. Its imposing walls remember their successful defence in keeping away Ottoman Turks from the harbour as they tried to invade the island. Keep your camera handy, you’ll enjoy swiping through the shots when you’re back onboard.

Before you head to the Greek isles for some exploring, ensure your navigational folios are updated with the latest amendments of the Ionian and Aegean Sea and a marine insurance policy is secured. Happy travelling!