settle car insurance claim

A car accident is an unsettling event in itself. Thinking about opening a car insurance claim can turn pressure up unnecessarily.  

Just thinking about the need to deal with the third-party car owner and your insurer can get you in a bundle of nerves.

Your first worry is naturally how to make this process less stressful and how to get your car back in good shape. The initial step is to get everything ready to file a car insurance claim, and in truth, this stage is not as complicated as one would think. The key to filing a car insurance claim quicker is having all your insurer needs before you head to their offices.  

A car accident can happen to anyone, so keep these tips in mind and sail swiftly through the claim process. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you need to refer to it in the future.

Gather All Information At The Scene Of The Accident

Consider safety first – make sure you and the other driver are not hurt in any way. If you are unsure about your wellbeing, best to call the emergency number 112 to report urgent assistance from the Police, Civil Protection or Ambulance.

Once this is confirmed, proceed with gathering all the required details your insurer will ask for when opening a car insurance claim. Take out your phone and gather enough evidence:

person taking photo of car accident

If you’ve suffered a front-to-rear collision, there’s no need to call the wardens. Once all photos are taken, move vehicles to a safer place and out of the way of traffic. Make use of the front-to-rear form, also known as the bumper-to-bumper form. Highlight the full details of the other driver as well as yours, use the sketch section to depict the scene of the accident and ensure it is signed. Give the other party a copy of the form. Should more than two vehicles be involved in the collision, fill in two forms and follow the same procedure.

Should you be involved in any other type of collision, call the wardens on 2132 0202 and present a statement to the warden officer at the place of the accident. Ensure the warden report is correct and signed by all parties involved. Any hit-and-run accidents or collisions resulting in any form of personal injury should be reported to the police at once.

In case your vehicle has suffered extensive damages and cannot be driven, call roadside assistance. If you’re a Thomas Smith Insurance Agency Ltd. policy holder, this is included for free with every insurance policy.

Have Authentification Documents & Insurance Policy Details In Hand

Head to your insurer to report the accident and open up a car insurance claim. Before you step through their offices, make sure you have all required documents in hand, as one missing document can delay the claim process. If the driver involved in the collision is not the insured owner of the car, both the vehicle proprietor and the driver must be present to lodge the claim.

Insurers require the following documentation:

Know Your Excess Charges

When you issue your motor insurance policy, you automatically agree to pay a certain amount should you need to make a claim on your policy. Amounts are specified by your insurer based on the policy type you have purchased.

Call your insurer before you head to their offices and ask them to review how much the excess fee is and the best method of payment, whether by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Car accidents happen even to the best of drivers. Keep the stress levels down by being prepared.