home energy efficiency

Let’s face it – no one likes to throw away money unnecessarily. All homeowners are well aware that owning a property means keeping the wallet open 24/7. Meanwhile, have you ever asked yourself whether a couple of simple renovations could transform your home into a greener habitat?  

The answer should be YES. Save money in the long-run and make your home greener with a couple of home energy efficiency improvements. Review these ideas and bookmark it to make sure your efficiency is up to the current standards.

Change Your Laundry Practices

Many homeowners like to pump up the water temperature when washing clothes. It is a common belief that such a method ensures clothing gets cleaned and any germs are eliminated. Some stains, such as sweat, might even react badly with hot water.

Your washing machine uses a lot of energy to heat the water, so washing with a cold setting will safeguard your garments and go low on the energy usage. Give your tumble dryer a well-deserved rest during the summer months. Let the heat of the day work its magic and turn up your home energy efficiency rating.

drying clothes on a clothes line

Invest In Efficient Appliances

Nowadays, all white goods carry energy-efficiency labels, showing under which class the appliance falls under. If your 10-year old washing machine is giving you trouble, send it packing and buy one with the maximum energy efficiency rating. Is the new fridge you’re after marking an efficiency rating less than C? You shouldn’t even bother. Appliances with ratings of A++ or A+++ carry high energy efficient technologies.

fridge with high efficiency rating

Avoid Water Pressure Pumps

Certain households suffer from low water pressure, which might cause appliances to malfunction. Water pressure pumps are normally the suggested solution; however, these pumps yield high energy supply. Water needs an astounding amount of energy to move, which will surely reflect in your efficiency ratings. Although pumps do not operate continuously, the amount of energy it takes when they are activated and deactivated are tremendous.

use of water pressure pumps for running water

Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

Energy consumption generated from small lightbulbs is often overlooked. Within certain areas of the house, such as the kitchen, corridors and bedrooms, bulbs are kept running for very long hours. Local ironmongers store a vast choice of energy efficient bulbs of different colours and sizes, so finding a replacement is easy. Most lights last an average of six times longer than the traditional bulbs, saving you further money down the line.


Aside from aesthetic benefits, choosing the best paint colour for your exterior walls requires further thought. Given Malta’s warm climate, choosing a light shade will reflect heat away and keep the inside cooler, as darker colours absorb the sun’s energy and transfer it inside the property. Less heat inside means limited usage of AC units and fans. White, light greys and beige shades are the preferred colours.


Given the extensive heat Maltese summers throw at us, it is no surprise that double-glazing windows have increased in popularity. Two sheets of glass are placed close to each other, with a gap in between to resist the sun’s strong heat beams. Their structure also keeps noise pollution from getting inside the house.

double glazing windows


Photovoltaic panels need no introduction. Their fame keeps on rising year after year, as property owners have seen their electricity bills slashed and their contribution to cleaner energy rise. Although the initial investment is quite substantial, the government has revised the PV grant, extending it to 2020. Solar panels are protected under our Home Insurance policy, ensuring your substantial investment is covered against unintended damages.