sail to sicily from malta

Sicily is a gem which is, many times, taken for granted. The neighbouring island sits just 104 nautical miles away from Malta, boasting warm climate and limitless opportunities. If you’re a boat owner or love yachting/sailing trips, this blog is definitely one you should review.

We’re about to reveal the top 7 reasons why you should not underestimate the beauty of the biggest island in the Mediterranean and make Sicily your next sailing destination. So purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen mishaps trip, update your navigational charts and satisfy the appeal of a holiday on deck.

It's A Short Boat Ride Away

Reaching Sicily by boat will take you less than two hours’ time, given the winds are in your favour. The proximity to Malta alone will make you want to journey there every year.

Being aboard a sailing yacht will guarantee fresh air and limitless adventure.

sailing on yacht to sicily from malta

Multiple Marinas Available For Mooring

If there’s one disadvantage to sailing is the interrupted sleeping patterns that come with anchoring out at sea, as passengers alternate who watches over the boat at night.

Luckily, Sicily is packed with marinas that offer safe mooring possibilities, especially if you’re interested in spending a few days on land, exploring the abundance of culture and cuisine that Sicilian villages offer. Most marinas enjoy spectacular views of the coast, so sipping a drink before heading to bed is in itself, a treat.

sicily trip with yacht

Stunning Mediterranean Views

This island is densely populated with views, exhibiting plenty of natural masterpieces Mother Nature has blessed the locals with.

It’s lush and wild nature make the best panoramic sights to observe from onboard a deck. With a good breeze guiding you to the next port, yachting through Sicily will uncover endless scenic sunsets and sunrises.  

Spot Unusual Sea Creatures

The channel between Malta and Sicily is home to several sea creatures. Pods of dolphins and the occasional sperm whale have been spotted by sailors throughout their journeys. Their presence will definitely make you feel one with nature as you’re cruising the waves.

dolphin spotted sea sicily malta

Go Volcano Spotting

As you’re cruising the Sicilian hot spots, don’t miss a visit to one of the two most famous volcanoes in the Mediterranean. Standing on the east coast of the island, Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe, standing 3329 metres tall and recording eruptions for the past 3,500 years.

The Stromboli volcano takes its name from the island it occupies. Recording heights of 924 metres, this mount has been recording eruptions for the last 2000 years. Nicknamed the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”, the island makes for a fantastic anchorage point, displaying all its natural splendours at night as you’re cosily huddled on the safety of your sea craft. 

stromboli volcano erupting

Meet The Locals

If the views are not enough to make you leave the vessel, the charm of the locals definitely will. Mingling with the natives will reveal their love of life and marvellous hospitality. Family is the hub of their life, and if you get in their good books, you’ll easily find yourself around their kitchen table being pressured to eat more than your stomach will allow. Their doors are always open and so are their hearts.

balcony of apartment in sicily

Your boat trip to Sicily could easily come to a standstill if you don’t have the right papers and coverage. Speak to your insurer to ensure your yacht policy covers trips to the neighbouring island. All boat owners should ensure Italian water certificates are on board at all times. Buon vento!