packing clothes for vacation

Don’t want to leave behind those extra pair of high heels? We don’t blame you. That new gadget is calling out your name to join on the trip? We get it. Packing discipline is an art which takes intel, courage and work.

Stop gaping at the pile of clothes that somehow has to fit in a 10kg suitcase. Trust in the magical power of garment packing greatness and prepare yourself to learn how to condense your “life” in a single bag. Here’s how to go ahead packing clothes for your upcoming vacation.

Choose Light Garments

Sunny locations call for airy outfits and, thankfully, that goes well with your packing challenge. Lightweight attire takes less space and have modest weight. Denim materials should be rationed to the bare minimum – they take up excess space and are hardly the easiest materials to fold.

Mix And Match

You don’t need to be a fashion guru to learn the trick of mixing and matching items of clothing. Make every piece count without sporting the same look twice. Spice up your outfit with versatile combinations. Pick up a bold print, opt for safe basics and add a special touch with an accessory or two.

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Plan Outfits Beforehand

The key to reaching packing greatness is to be prepared. Jot down a list of outfits that go well with your itinerary of outings for every day of your travels. A calendar of ensembles will save you time and breaks of anxiety. Comfort should be at the top of your priorities – a city tour can be enjoyed with a summer dress and sandals, a trip to the beach requires a mandatory beach cover-up and the countryside is best enjoyed with sneakers and cosy slacks.

Roll, Don't Fold

It’s a never-ending debate; nevertheless, the final decision rests with the results. Reject the most conventional packing system of folding clothes and embark on a new discipline, where rolling garments is the new law for squeezing in an extra outfit. Besides, rolled outfits remain wrinkle-free throughout the whole journey.

Hold Back On Clothing

Let’s be honest – unless you have a handy magic trick that makes objects minimise, there’s a limit to how many garments you can fit in a 10kg luggage bag. Choose essentials you’re confident they are going to be used. If the weather is looking insecure, there’s no harm in carrying a lightweight jacket that can easily fit in between your outfit coordinates.

Complying with stringent airline luggage sizes and weight policies is a war itself. Keep the luggage weight down whilst still enjoying an abundance of fashionable looks to show off in your holiday pictures.

Packing is just one of the many worries that come with travelling. Whatever may happen when you’re in another country, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance. Speak to our representatives for a free travel policy quote.