traffic in malta

With the new scholastic year a few hours away, we made it our mission to help all drivers make their commute less frustrating and face traffic jams less sufferable. We’re far from being in possession of a magic wand to make the lanes more accommodating but the below tricks can help drivers hit the road with more ease and calmness.


Music is food for the soul and nothing makes us hungry for some beats than when traffic is at a standstill. It will bury the obnoxious honking of the drivers around you and take your mind away from the urgency of hitting that horn yourself. Find a pleasant playlist to keep you entertained throughout the whole journey.

woman singing in traffic in malta


Nothing breaks a road standstill like a sudden twinkling light of an indicator and its driver thrusting the front bumper to the adjoining lane. In heavy traffic, no one likes to forfeit their place, apprehensive that they will miss their spot. Rather than creating further chaos, plan your route accordingly and choose your lane prior to reaching the traffic jam. Zigzagging along the lanes will not get you to your destination quicker.


Ladies, keep those heels on the passenger seat and swap them for a snug slip-on. To all the men, avoid stiff shoes that bring about blisters. If you drive a manual car, shifting that gear from first to second for a full hour will leave its toll on your feet. Comfortable footwear will alleviate the stress and avoid any sudden control loss.


Moaning about traffic is best done in great company. Aside from reducing traffic and lessening exhaust pollution, carpooling ensures you have a companion to keep you company throughout the drive. Having another passenger to share the inconvenient journey with will make you less likely to panic and engage in road rage.

carpooling traffic malta


It’s impressive how alarming it might be to notice the empty fuel gauge light on when you are stuck bumper-to-bumper in traffic. With continuous gear manoeuvres and the air-conditioning on, no one blames you for feeling that panic button go off. Before you hit the crossroads and flyovers, head to the nearest petrol station. You don’t need to add a potential car breakdown situation with the traffic problems. If that still happens, keep that panic button off – enjoy the ease of free roadside assistance given with all motor insurance policies at Thomas Smith.  

Have some suggestions of your own? Enlighten other fellow drivers – share the tips in the comments section.