woman listening to music feeling happy

Music is a universal language that has no barriers. With the earliest references to instruments dating back to 43,000 years ago, this subject matter has withstood the test of time. Bring up Madonna, Mozart or The Beatles in any conversation – everyone will know they’re legendary musicians that have created melodies that will live forever. 

Tunes evoke neurological responses on humans, stimulating distinctive moods and fostering an ambience of enhanced feelings. Dopamine, a chemical in our brain, is triggered when music hits our senses. The reaction we reciprocate all depends on how that genre of music makes us feel. Test out how music styles and tempos interact with your brain – it’s just a Spotify playlist away.


They’re both great styles to boost adrenaline, great when you’re about to embark on some workout.


Reminisce about the good old days of the 70s with some energy boosters.


It’s not essentially a music genre, but the rhythm behind romantic pieces entertain love-y feelings or motivate a cry after a break-up.


The syncopated rhythms that make up jazz music arouse melancholic and romantic emotions, followed by nostalgic auras.



Sharpen your memory, enjoy some serene moments and get better sleep with a sonata. From Mozart’s Piano Concerto in C Major to Bach’s Air on the G String, classical music communicates emotions without the use of words.


Country lyrics aren’t all about cowboy boogie dancing. Verses carry deep meaning, inspired from real people with hopes and sincerity. Pick up a Carrie Underwood track or devour a Chris Stapleton album.


Blues artists induce their music with feeling, creating a music genre full of intense emotions. Sadder songs can help you feel better when you’re down, the rhythm can calm nerves and subdue anxiety.


Trigger your Jennifer Lopez moves and feel the heat rushing through. Latino music is full of mixed beats that will make you shake all the right places, with lyrics that showcase the community’s love and fun factor.


Musicals envelope us in their story and performance. Cheer is spread when those theatrical notes hit your ear buds, helping in uplifting your mood and pushing your creativity boundaries.

woman singing broadway music


Modern rap has transformed into contemporary poetry. Banish the misconception that rap music is all about aggression and violence. If you’re into this music genre, the beats can have the power to relax you.


The beat of the drums can put control on anger management issues and help get the chill factor on. This music is a healing medium when a negative mood takes over.


There’s no grey area here – you either like it or you don’t. For the fans, the tunes improve self-esteem and can even stimulate feelings of joy. The experience of non-fans typically generates anger and fear, so if you fall under this category, it’s best to stay away from its aggressive clutches.


Knowing its roots from multiple other genres, new-age music inspires artistic expression from its instrumental melodies. Are you into meditation? Achieve full tranquillity by venturing into new age.