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boat in summer malta

How To Keep Your Boat Safe During Summer

Any Maltese boat owner would tell you that summer is their version of paradise –…

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long-haul holidays

8 Tips to Surviving And Enjoying Long-Haul Holidays

There is something much more special about discovering a part of the world that is…

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security systems

The Best Security Systems You Can Have For Your Home

Finding the right security systems to keep your home safe is paramount for your peace…

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unnecessary clutter

How To Detox Life From Unnecessary Clutter

When the world we live in is becoming even more hectic and full of distractions,…

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travel destinations 2024

Top 8 Travel Destinations for 2024

Every new year brings with it hopes and dreams, so let this be the excuse…

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How To Make Smarter Insurance Choices All Year Round

Whilst we, as an insurance provider, are very accustomed to the industry in which we…

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new year

10 New Year Goals That Are Easy, Fun and Doable

As the new year is starting to gear up, we can’t help ourselves but truly…

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buying a second home

What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Second Home

Embarking on the journey of making a house a home, for the second time, is…

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tech innovations business

7 Tech Innovations Your Business Needs

Staying ahead is a must in today’s fast-paced world of business. This often requires business…

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How To Make Your Apartment More Rentable

Malta’s real estate market is booming, with rental properties being in high demand, making it…

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common insurance claims malta

Top 7 Most Common Insurance Claims & How to Prevent Them

Whilst the topic of insurance claims is not one that many love to discuss, its…

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boat representing a boat trip out of maltese waters

Boating Out of Maltese Waters: What You Need to Pre-Plan

Boat owners, your beloved season is finally here! Dreams of sailing beyond Maltese territorial waters…

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