common insurance claims malta

Whilst the topic of insurance claims is not one that many love to discuss, its dynamic nature makes it an important one nonetheless. Whether it is the concept of incurring extra expenses or shuffling up one’s routine life, knowing these facts can help not only when lodging a claim but even to prevent them in the first place.

When the unexpected happens, having an insurance provider that offers superior value for your policies and offers exceptional customer service to smooth things over is a true blessing. Do your research well and don’t just pick the cheapest one available – moreover the one that is right for what you are looking for.


One of the most common claims related to car insurance which is lodged year in, year out. Given how hectic Malta’s main driving roads have become within the last few years, losing concentration for a second can easily lead to a front-to-rear accident.

In many occasions, it is not only about how YOU drive but also about how others drive around you. Whilst there isn’t anything we can do to control another person’s driving, there are actions you can pre-empt to keep yourself safe.

These include not getting distracted by devices and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, as the car at rear is always the one at fault by default.

Remember that in such a case, you do not need to call for wardens or police, as you can be fined. Ensure you always have a couple of front-to-rear forms in your car. Hop by your insurer’s office to stock up your supply.


Whilst the sun is shining brightly and you’re happily spending the days licking the sunny rays, your home can easily become a target for burglars. As horrible as it sounds, these individuals will start keeping an eye on your comings and goings to find pockets of time when they can make their move.

Do not let this hold you back from making the best of the season; just keep in mind a couple of tips to elevate the security of your home. Switch to reliable front-door locks and ensuring windows are locked tightly – definitely not left mid-open on nets. Keep valuable items out of easy sight and use light timers to simulate occupancy. A secure home insurance will take care of the rest.


Buying a sturdy suitcase requires good investment. Whilst you’ll pay good attention to keep it in tip-top-shape, for others, it is just another suitcase. Whether during the flight itself or whilst it is transitioning from the plane to the baggage reclaim area, small but mighty activities can cause your suitcases to suffer damage.

To prevent such a claim, make sure to pick luggage cases that are of good quality, can support high impact and are ideally waterproof. Wheels and handles have a tendency of cracking if hit with a big impact, whilst luggage may get wet while waiting to be loaded on the plane. If you are a frequent traveller, pick luggage that can withstand long hours of travelling not necessarily just a stylish one.  


It is a scenario more common than one thinks. The situation might feel worrisome if you are suffering the consequences of one.

If you are the one suffering from a hit and run accident, lodge a police report and identify whether there are any CCTV cameras in the vicinity that can provide a witness to the accident. Ask around to see if there were any witnesses and pass the information forward to the police, as it might make it easier for them to identify the culprit. A motor claim can only be lodged if you are covered by a comprehensive policy.

To help prevent a hit and run, try to park in areas that have a slower driving speed or have speed bumps, park your car within safe white parking boxes and avoid main roads.


This hits the number one spot for claims lodged through landlord insurance policies – and definitely a reason for all rental property owners to safeguard their investment. Whether this is caused by storms or by other accidental means  seeing your investment suffer and potentially experience loss of income due to the time you require to get it fixed is troublesome by itself. 

Make sure your property is properly prepared to withstand a harsh winter season and educate your tenants on how to protect any outdoor furniture/accessories. The rental market has gone up in demand in the last few years, so picking your choice of tenants is easy. Remember that landlord insurance can cover the costs of repairs and loss of rental income. Always consult with your insurer.


Malta is lined with them, they’re one of the most prominent lessons during vehicle driving training, yet they are one of the most common driving mistakes. It’s never enough to swing your head both left and right to check for ongoing vehicles or even pedestrians.

Most claims cases are always decided against the vehicle that emerged from a stop sign. If a third-party vehicle driver gave you the go-ahead to emerge, check other lanes to see if they also gave you the way. You will still be held liable if an accident occurs with another oncoming vehicle. Call a warden on the spot to start the claims process.


As a boat owner, the responsibility to ensure your vessel is in tip-top shape is vital. Same as with car owners taking their rides on the road. Accidentally hitting submerged objects can cause your boat to start taking on water and run the risk of a potential sinking.

Always keep an eye out when on the water for other vessels or submerged objects can cause damages. Ensure your boat undertakes a thorough inspection before heading out into the waters after the winter season to avoid any problems when afloat.  A boat insurance is a definite requirement for full peace of mind.

Remember that prevention is always the better choice compared to dealing with insurance claims. Be proactive to minimise the chances of encountering one of these.