team building exercise of thomas smith malta employees

Traditional workplace environments have seen a significant evolution in recent years; becoming hubs that prioritise employees, their well-being and satisfaction.

With a backing of 175 years behind our brand name, Thomas Smith has seen continuous progress – not only related to the services provided but also understanding our responsibility towards the teams that truly make up this company.

The mantra to which Thomas Smith was always devoted was the understanding that we’re a company built by hard-working people, grown by hard-working people, servicing other hard-working people. With such a considerable responsibility in hand, our aim is to establish a workplace that gifts peace of mind, fulfilment and empathy.

There’s no better way to celebrate such a distinguished anniversary than to see employees flourish within their professional environments and give back our share of recognition.


Personal growth and development are at the forefront of growing both as a company as well as enhancing our employees’ skills and industry knowledge. With resourcefulness and competence as some of our company values, a robust development programme is endorsed which includes workshops, training sessions and access to resources.

This commitment towards our teams empowers them to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge and unleash new potential. When employees thrive, so do our own customers. And a highly skilled workforce is what has made Thomas Smith one of the oldest and leading companies in each respective industry. 

training and development session at thomas smith malta


An atmosphere of support and care is created through regular organisation of insightful and fun awareness sessions for our employees, which feature different topics that enhance a person’s knowledge in their life both at the office as well as outside the workplace.

Industry experts are invited over to share their knowledge through awareness sessions that focus on important health-related topics such as Breast Cancer Awareness talks, Posture and Physical Well-Being discussions, Health Nutrition & Lifestyle insights, as well as other topics such as Money Coaching discussions.

These sessions are held to enhance a person’s professional and personal growth; which make us all stronger and better human beings. The best part is that the company is always on the look for innovative topics that can support the team further.


Ensuring a healthy workplace is transferred to our employees’ own physical health, which is affirmed through a private hospital health insurance to ensure comprehensive medical coverage.

This additional benefit gives our team members peace of mind, knowing that their health needs are taken care of, both in terms of prevention, as well as treatment.


Past initiatives have shone a spotlight on the much-needed awareness of mental health, as we endeavour in breaking the stigma that comes with support towards mental well-being. Considered as an invaluable support system towards our team members, Thomas Smith has engaged Richmond Foundation to assist through the provision of professional counselling not just to employees but their close family members too.

These sessions are provided to support and address any personal and work-related challenges they might be facing now or in the future. This creates a supportive and inclusive work environment, fostering employee well-being.


We believe in building a strong sense of community and nurturing relationships beyond the workplace. Through loyalty schemes and partnerships with local businesses, employees can enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits.

From well-being products and services to leisure activities and shopping, these benefits add an extra touch of recreation and pleasure to one’s life out of the office.


As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We’re very lucky to have no dull Jacks, Janes or Jacobs here!

To strengthen the bonds between colleagues and promote a positive work culture, Thomas Smith organises team-building activities that keep us on our toes, generate a fun element and take us out of our offices at times. Ultimately, these shared experiences boost positive feelings that are reflected in our internal relationships and create opportunities to connect; shining the spotlight on enthusiasm as one of our core values.

team building exercises at thomas smith malta


If there is one thing that the covid pandemic has taught us is that dedication isn’t solely allocated to the four walls of an office. True commitment for one’s endeavours comes from within; which is the winning factor of ensuring deadlines and customer satisfaction is achieved irrespective of where one spends their working hours.

At Thomas Smith, flexibility is a core value and the creation of hybrid work solutions is just a miniscule initiative that helps us reach the pinnacle. Specific work-from-home opportunities were created as part of an evolving workplace whilst still understanding the need to be present at the office to ensure there is a smooth flow within the team environment. This allows employees to strike a balance between working from home and spending time at the office.

Whether ticking off the to-do agenda within the company of a furry companion at home or an amiable colleague at the office, such an approach encourages collaboration, maximises productivity and maintains a healthy work-life balance. One aspect we focus on is providing employees tips on how to create a healthy WFH environment to ensure organisation and productivity remains the goal whilst boundaries are kept.


The beauty of uniqueness is that we all have our own responsibilities, commitments, and methods at which work is undertaken. Offering flexible working arrangements to accommodate diverse needs is at the top of our initiatives.

Whilst there are days which are more demanding than others, our work accompanies us throughout the majority of our lives. Because of this understanding, we want our teams to appreciate their influence towards helping a client meet a deadline, find an easier solution for them or just be of assistance. They are the glue that holds this winning formula together. Our contribution is to create possibilities in which these days provide the proper motivational capacity.

We believe this fosters a happier atmosphere within our teams – and we love it!


Growth doesn’t happen overnight. With 175 years of operating in Malta on our belt, we’ve helped many individuals grow in their careers and enhance their personalities.

What makes us truly proud is the sense of kinship that exists between our teams and the positive experiences they get from working within Thomas Smith; whether that is for five years or thirty.

Don’t take our word for it. Glance at the numerous testimonials which past and present employees have shared with our team managers.

Become one of us! Our company is growing and always on the lookout for the next talent, whether it is through an internship or a paid position.