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For those who spend summer in Malta, the sunny season is either non-stop fun or a complete nightmare. If you tend to see the glass half-full and the tremendous heat doesn’t scare you, this article is right up your street. We’ve put on our tourist glasses and we’ve taken a look at what makes this little rock a real gem in the summertime.



Whilst the Mediterranean embraces every part of the Maltese coastline, you’re never far away to splash around in crystal clear water, work on your natural tan or feel the soft caress of sand between your toes as you stroll along a sandy beach. In summer, the coast is always the best place to be and there’s a whole list of best beaches in Malta you ought to head to. If you’re less of a swimmer and more of a shutterbug, consider chartering a boat and tour the Maltese coast for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Want some ideas? We’ve got plenty.



Whatever gets your taste buds rejoicing is worth a mention. We won’t get started on whether or not the Maltese have some of the best food on the planet, but for every local, the mention of bigilla with some bread, the thought of scalding pastizzi and tea in a glass or the taste of prickly pears makes us drool with appetite. Don’t know what you’re going to do this weekend? Nothing beats munching your way to a food extravaganza as the best thing to do in Malta.



No Maltese summer would be the same without festoon decorations, enthusiastic band music and a statue running around a locality. Different feasts have distinct characteristics, so put your best dress on and catch a glimpse of how other village locals party the Maltese way. Those who can’t handle all the festa hustle and bustle head to the nearest village and enjoy a fireworks fiesta, guaranteed to fascinate the young and the old alike.


There’s unlimited splendour on this little spot on the world map. Just take a look around and you’ll definitely find something worth oohing and aahing about. Want to read more about the Maltese way of life? This should give you some more insight.