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The Maltese are a lucky bunch. We live on an island which offers pleasant climate during most of the year. Our Spring is everyone else’s Summer. When the weather starts reaching the 20°C temperatures, hundreds take the opportunity to hop on a boat to break from the routine and bask in the sunshine after the winter months.

Living in a country surrounded by mesmerising Mediterranean waters has its benefits. There’s no need to wait for the weekend to go for a boat ride – there are endless opportunities for you to sail away. The adventures are limitless.

Go exploring

Malta is full of seaside choices, but the majority of them are also full of people. Owning a boat is your golden ticket to speed away from the mainstream beaches, stuffed with throngs of tourists and locals. Opt for a day trip around Malta and discover secluded beaches where you can splash around where no one’s watching.

Head out for a fancy lunch with a view

If your favourite dining hangout is all booked for the weekend, or you just feel like nibbling before a stunning view, don’t fret. Get on your boat, take a tour around Malta’s coast, hop on land and place a take-out order. When the food is ready, head back to sea and treat yourself to a good plate of deliciousness, with the sound of waves hitting the shore on the background. Dining on a boat is an experience on its own.

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Celebrate your birthday in style

It doesn’t matter if you’re turning 18 or 60 – everybody loves a special birthday bash. If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a boat, setting a birthday celebration on a boat is like organising a party on the beach minus the irritating sand, with direct access to cold refreshments stocked in the fridge. Turn the boat into a jamming vessel with some chilled music and hang a few balloons. Best to put your swimsuit on – the birthday boy or girl is usually thrown overboard, just for fun!

Set up a treasure trove

Channel your inner treasure hunter and go on an underwater discovery expedition. No need to dive in deep-sea; just anchor your boat in a safe location, put on your swimming gear and keep an eye out for interesting objects you may spot on the seabed. These might be anything from seashells to metal objects such as lost jewellery. While you’re at it, if you spot plastic debris, pick it up and throw it in a recycling bag when you get back onboard.

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Before you head out to sea, check all your boat accessories, keep your boat insurance policy handy and make sure to brush off your nautical skills.

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