common car claims winter malta

After a delightful summer as the Maltese islands can boast of having, it is inevitable that the warmer temperatures make way for Mother Nature’s harsh season. For those who commute with their car frequently, an assembly of rainy clouds and stormy weather give rise to driving apprehension.

Freak storms might create some driving worry but there are other circumstances to watch out for. Whilst following road rules and keeping an extra eye out on other vehicles is suggested, certain accidents might be completely out of one’s own control.

Take charge of your own automobile to avoid any of the incidents and the claims that follow. As for others that are uncontrollable, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive car insurance policy.


During the dry months, spotting an oil spill on the road is easy and a driver can easily deviate to the side to avoid it. During a wet day, an oil spill is much harder to detect and can cause a car to swerve or even collide.

Whilst caution is of utmost importance, these dangers cannot always be easily surpassed. Your comprehensive car cover will take care of car damages and possible mitigations following building wreckage. Always speak to your insurer to find out the terms of your policy.


During the occasional serious storms we get in Malta, it is not the first time strong trees get the brunt of winter and fall. Whether this occurs as a vehicle is being driven on road or whilst a vehicle is parked, a comprehensive cover will label this as an act of God and your insurer will guide you on how to claim against the damages.

Act of God accidents include damages caused by natural occurrences, such as rain, hail or wind. Meaning that they are not directly or indirectly caused by the negligence of the driver or another third-party. Such impairment is only covered by a comprehensive motor policy; not by a third-party or third-party fire and theft policy.


Maltese roads are prone to potholes but rainy conditions make it much worse. Whilst during a dry day, one can easily drive slowly and spot potholes to avoid them, downpour can cover the dangers of such a driving enemy as it gets filled and covered with water.

A simple bump might not cause much harm, but a deep pothole might provoke substantial damages not just to tyres but also the body of the vehicle. Speak to your insurer to see how this can be covered by your policy.


It might be a rare sight in Malta, but on some days especially during the early hours, weather conditions might bring about fog that might disrupt a driver’s sight or completely block out views even at 2 metre distances.

The best course of action would be to park the car in a safe zone to let the fog subside. If that is not possible, remember to switch on the fog lights (not the night vision ones) and drive with extreme caution.

Should a collision occur, make sure to inform your insurer about the conditions following the accident and report all the details for the claim opening.


Amidst the astonishment that hailstorms generate on the island given it is the closest we experience that’s close to the idea of snow, hail causes intense damages to cars. These include broken side-mirrors, dents across the vehicle’s body and damaged windscreens.

Such damages are considered as an Act of God, so your insurer will guide you on the extent of coverage your comprehensive policy offers and the best course of action to get everything fixed.

Ensure the vehicle is ready for the chillier whether by conducting adequate maintenance, such as replacing your tyres and checking their pressure, getting wipers are fixed, and booking the vehicle for a basic service.