packed holiday suitcase on airport carousel ready for a summer vacation

Incessant heat waves and endless sun exposure encapsulate all that a Maltese summer is, so for most of us, getting a suitcase ready for a sunny vacation becomes second nature. Everyone gets comfortable with a personal travel list, whether one is into light packing or has a bundle-aplenty personality. Nonetheless, there are some accessories you should never go without. So if you’re off to bask in 30+ degrees temperatures, make sure to pencil in these extras in your travel summer packing list.


The same supply of zip lock bags can be reused for an unlimited number of times to serve many purposes. Gadgets and important documents can be stored in a bag for easy picking or take a couple with you to the beach. These cheap carry-ons are ideal to store wet clothing such as swimwear, as there’s no way any other accessories can get soaked when the plastic bag gets stuffed in one carryall. Keep them at easy access but away from unexpected winds that might blow them away and pollute the environment.


Assuming that talcum powder is just for babies is a myth. There are countless situations where this powder solves the most common complications. From tapping some onto the skin to avoid chaffing, to sprinkling it on wet sand to get it off feet faster, this powder should be crowned a lifesaver. Should you wish to keep your deodorant smell lingering or cover unpleasant sweat stenches, pat some powder within the underarm region and enjoy smelling great for longer.


Irrespective of travel seasons, emergencies do happen and carrying a first-aid kit should be a must. Apart from use in emergency situations, these minuscule benefactors come in handy when too much walking turns your feet into a battlefield. Pack a good supply of waterproof plasters to cover cuts and grazes and keep on walking at ease. Seaside escapes can turn into bloody affairs should a piece of glass buried in the sand make contact with skin. Handy plasters will save the day.

bandages ideal for travel summer packing



Fill idle hours with an ultimate play-off, whether you’re travelling with friends or family. A pack of Uno™ or a 52-card deck can keep the entertainment on a roll during long travel hours or become the best entertainment alternative at the beach. They’re easily stored, lightweight and easy to wipe clean.

Seasonal travel prep doesn’t just relate to clothing attire. Summer travel packing essentials should differ based on the country one is visiting, and the activities which will be undertaken.  Need further advice? If the destination registers frequent weather changes, pack two days beforehand to avoid taking unnecessary supplies. Choose items well and pack cleverly.


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