thomas smith hill climb car racing up the hill

With history seeping through the island’s foundations like an overflowing spring, the Maltese scenery makes the best backdrop for the Mtaħleb Hill Climb. An action-packed day is planned for another year, with vintage car enthusiasts thrusting their gas pedals harder to reach the top of the hill in the fastest time possible.

This year’s Hill Climb is marking the 122th anniversary from the very first-ever held hill climb, at La Turie close to Nice, France. Fast-forward from 1897, modern hill climb events have resisted the test of time and keep increasing in popularity year by year. The present-day Thomas Smith Hill Climb witnesses the participation of various vehicles, between 40 to 45 pre-1975 cars.

cars racing at the thomas smith hill climb

This year’s contest will be set amidst the exhilarating views of Mtaħleb and Miġra l-Ferħa area, within the limits of Rabat. The improved location will give drivers and spectators stunning scenes of the local countryside, the cliffs, and Filfla.  A frenzy of excitement started bubbling up about this location which was revamped, tarmacked and smoothened out by the local authorities to serve as the optimal ground for local hill climbs organised throughout the years.

With only one circuit available to mark their territory, drivers will be individually timed as they race their way up, hitting the hill with full speed to try and reserve a spot within the top 3 positions and get their hands on the trophies. Marshals and members of the safety team will be supervising the location to ensure the drivers and spectators are constantly safe. Thomas Smith has been associated with this event for six years, through an exclusive sponsorship. Securing the Group’s identity through the race has been a vital move to embrace both Malta Classic’s mission and Thomas Smith’s passion for vehicles. The Group’s Managing Director – Joe Gerada – was the person who put the Malta Classic Hill Climb on the Group’s agenda, and following his own adrenaline rushes from his personal vintage driving experiences within the event, erected the partnership that today presents the Thomas Smith Hill Climb.

winners of the malta classic thomas smith hill climb

The public is encouraged to head to the Mtaħleb hills on October 11th at 14:00, find a spot which allows for safe distance but epic views of the circuit and feel the rush of the action taking place throughout the afternoon. Everyone is invited to bring water bottles to stay hydrated at all times, caps to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays and place your cameras at the ready for the most epic shot of the day.