home buildings insurance

There are very few things more precious than one’s own home. The way to show that love is to ensure a house insurance policy is set all well. One of the most common questions we get is which household items fall automatically under the buildings policy.

Let’s start off by differentiating a home buildings insurance and a home contents insurance policy. The latter one covers movable items that one can find within a property which are labelled as ‘contents’; whereas the buildings one protects the actual building itself as well as permanent fixtures that are immovables. Think of such things that cannot be reasonably removed to another property. 

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on crucial elements that are automatically covered by a home buildings insurance policy. Such assets need to be mentioned to your insurer should you wish to have them protected.


Found perched on top of many rooftops, water storage tanks are exposed to all seasonal elements. Although made of sturdy material, one never knows when damages might occur; hence knowing that such a crucial element within a household is covered by a buildings insurance policy offers policy holders peace of mind.


Typical bathroom structures include various immovable items such as baths or showers, sinks and vanities, toilets and flushing systems. For this reason, a home buildings insurance extends its protection to household restrooms without the need for additional coverage.


With properties such as flats and apartments, common areas share between all residents and lifts to access multiple stories would be covered under a buildings policy given they are immovable.


A property’s apertures are manufactured for very specific measurements and installed with strong, adhesive materials to the house. It is highly unlikely that windows, even aluminium ones would be of use at any other place or taken off without sustaining any damage. A buildings insurance policy would cover these house additions, which is ideal when extra investment is made such as double glazing and sun control window films.


Having the same immovable reasoning as windows, both internal and external doors enjoy the automatic protection of a buildings home insurance. Within this policy, one might also find coverage for door locks – which is highly beneficial considering the prices that certain locks are offered for to ensure protection from tampering such as burglaries.


Almost every household enjoys the benefit of well-conditioned atmosphere in the house; especially given the extremely high heat temperatures Maltese homes experience through summer. Certain properties house more than one AC unit, which increases the value these fixtures provide. With the proper installation required for such equipment to operate, together with the unit itself, a home buildings insurance policy would offer protection against accidental damages to such apparel. Always check with your insurer to find out all the conditions under which such AC units are covered.


The year 2020 recorded that there are approximately 20,000 household in Malta that benefit from the use of solar panels; whilst in 2021, an extraordinary increase of almost 30,000 PV panel installations were recorded. This shows that the island’s residents are understanding the advantages that such as investment creates. In line with this, these energy-saving solutions are automatically covered under the buildings home policy against damages which can be created such as from hailstorms and fire, as well as other occurrences.


They’ve become all the hype during these years and are part of many contemporary households; used for both storage as well as display. The items within wardrobes such as garments and bags can only be covered by a home contents policy. However, gypsum-made wardrobes themselves are a fixture within a bedroom so they are covered by the buildings home insurance policy.


After the considerable investment required to set up and maintain a residential swimming pool, it is vital that it’s protected to the max. It is not only the pool itself that falls under a buildings policy but also the equipment required for it to function and related machinery.

Speak to your insurer about the terms behind your home buildings policy to ensure your investments are covered well.