woman sitting down at home to represent peace of mind of home insurance

Having your house irrevocably damaged is the stuff of nightmares. Time and money are sacrificed to make a property a proper haven, and the simplest thought that anything should happen to it sends shivers rippling all over any happy homeowner.

In the past, home insurance was looked upon as a thrifty expense. Its importance is fully recognised nowadays. All local banks require buyers to purchase a policy before a loan is issued. Still not convinced? Home insurance can be your best Plan B in these five instances.



A distraction can transform a house from a cosy crib to a sea of flames. A simple spark, an overheated pot or even an unprotected candle can be the cause of total inferno. The charring fire and smoke might injure members of the household and destroy prized possessions. A Home Insurance policy covers the costly expenditure of rebuilding or repairing a property, which may help restore a bit of normality to your life.

fire taking over home stairs and corridor



Apart from dealing with the trauma of having outsiders trespassing through personal belongings, homeowners who are subjected to burglary have to deal with the heartbreak of losing assets they hold dear; whether it is jewellery, gadgets or collectables. Save your receipts, take a photo of the item or keep the original packaging as proof, and head to your insurance provider. Extend your home insurance policy to include a home contents plan. Keep the documentation in a safe place and review it periodically.

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Solid foundations and roof compounds are not enough to safeguard your nest when gale-force winds and heavy downpour hit the islands. Basements can be accidentally flooded and lightning surges can spark irreparable damages in electrical gadgets and white goods. A home insurance policy can save you from a hefty cheque and offer peace of mind in troubling times.

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Should your property be uninhabitable following fire or a natural disaster, your mind will officially go on Emergency Mode. Worrying about securing a roof over your head or being left to the mercy of others can aggravate your worries. Our home insurance includes costs for alternative accommodation.



Your home is your safe haven. Nevertheless, taking care of your property doesn’t make one immune to possible injuries that house visitors can suffer. Family members might be staying over during the holidays and someone may fall down the stairs. A friend could be over for a pool day and severely hurt themselves after a slip. Getting sued for negligence can bring about significant financial strains if you’re held personally liable. Our Home Insurance policy pays up and covers legal liability protection.

person holding foot following a slip near the pool


The importance of property insurance lies in the ‘what ifs’. If disaster strikes, you’ll thank your younger self for investing in home insurance. Find the policy that’s right for you. Contact our insurance representatives and take the first step to secure living.


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