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Home Sweet Home – a random expression imprinted on front door carpets and wall decorations, but there’s more to this remark than what meets the eye. What really makes a house a home are the carefully-selected belongings that surround our daily household activities; whether they benefit everyday use, exhibit luxury or are just reminders of special occasions. Irrespective of their physical size, home contents make up a substantial investment amount and their protection shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s a helpful guide of home items which homeowners should consider covering with a Home Contents cover.



It is a proven fact that the hub for pots and pans is the room most visited in a house. Research shows that homeowners spend an average of 3 hours every day in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that this room holds special meaning. Did you know that a kitchen is not covered by a Home Buildings insurance policy? Such a high hazard place should come with the right protection plan – extend your Home Insurance policy to include Contents Cover. Safeguard the replacement cost of your kitchen following both minor or extensive damages.

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Fashionable buying habits come with a hefty price tag. For some, designer purchases are investments, while others shop to keep up with the latest trends. Whatever your buying intentions are, such acquisitions should not be stuffed in a wardrobe unprotected and neglected against any possible damages. Consider a Home Contents cover as the best protective garment bag you can get.

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How many times have you left the house just to find yourself staring at the door with no way of entry when you want to get back in? Total panic enrages when the keys are nowhere to be found, disappearing as if by a magic spell. While you should always leave a spare copy with a trusted friend, relative or neighbour, thinking about the costly replacement is an unnecessary worry. Our recommendation? A Home Insurance policy  – loss of keys and the installation of new locks is all covered by the insurer.

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Collecting memorabilia has been the love of many Maltese for generations, be it medals and stamp collectables, war memorabilia, antiques or limited wine collections. Money, time and dedication are all invested in sustaining this growing hobby. Avoid a horror story and safeguard your acquisitions against any loss inflicted by theft, fire, flood or any unplanned occurrence. Get your collection valued every few years and keep your insurer informed.

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Insurance isn’t just for the “big” things. Our homes are full of priceless curios, some of which are irreplaceable. A Home Contents Plan extends protection to the belongings which are of value to you.

Our Insurance representatives can provide a helpful guide to what you should consider covering. Value your prized possessions and avoid being underinsured. Don’t suffer from a broken heart over a lost or damaged piece of property.