winter travel

Winter might not be everyone’s favourite time of the year but for those who revel in the sight of dark clouds and a chill in the air, this marks the best time to travel!

Heading off for a holiday in winter comes with slightly higher risks than a summer vacation. So, whilst your typical travel insurance might cover the basics, adding a winter travel extension might give you complete peace of mind. And that is one thing no one should give up on when travelling!

Check out what protection a winter sports travel extension can offer you to glide the slopes in full serenity.


Head to some snowy mountains and experience the thrill of a lifetime… something you definitely won’t be able to do in Malta.

Winter resorts are equipped with pistes that allow even the most inexperienced skier to try their luck on the snow. It might bring about a couple of tumbles, but definitely loads of fun. The problem arises should this sport bring about unexpected surprises.

One thing you require to ski is proper equipment. Whether you’re the one forking out money for it or renting it for a limited period, your winter sports cover will come into play should something happen to them.

Should such equipment get lost, stolen or damaged by an accident, adding this extension to your insurance will save you worry and money. This applies to skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, bindings and poles.

ski equipment


One of the downsides of winter travel is that you can make all the plans you want, but the weather might have other plans for you. Should resort pistes close up during your stay due to lack of snow, excessive downpour of snow or high winds, you might have to kiss your winter sports itinerary goodbye.

Your travel insurance won’t bring back the opportunity, but it can fork out a daily benefit to make up for the expenses you invested. Always check the financial limit, together with the terms and conditions with your insurer, such as the yearly period which this covers and the destination.



You can be as diligent as possible, but occasional illnesses or injuries can occur. Should you be medically certified that you are unable to ski or board, a winter sports extension might take care of a proportionate cost of your non-refundable ski pack. This might include lessons from a ski school, the cost of lift passes as well as ski hire.

Should you cause bodily injury to a third person or damage anyone else’s property, you’ll be thankful you invested in a winter sports travel insurance extension.

With a winter sports travel extension, these are some of the main additional covers you can get. Meanwhile, the extension would also extend the standard travel insurance to cover  typical insurance sections whilst skiing.


Even the biggest ski professionals might get themselves in harm’s way, so sliding down snowy mountains might take an unexpected bad turn. Always remember to pick sports that do not exceed your capabilities. And if you’re trying something new, always be cautious.

No one likes to think about possibly getting in harm’s way when abroad, but that’s what insurance is for. Should a personal accident occur which results in extensive harm or bodily injury during skiing, your travel insurance will take care of financial reimbursement. This includes medical assistance you might require when abroad.


Whilst holidays do not come around to worry, it is always suitable to take necessary precautions to avoid impairment and discomfort.