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Holidays are meant to infuse our lives with a relaxing aura, but the pre-planning process has a tendency of turning up the tension. With dreamy adventures on your mind, the last thing you want is to remember you don’t have enough time to take care of crucial aspects.

Forget the to-do lists. This itinerary is all about things you SHOULD NOT do before you pack your luggage and get to the airport. If an anticipated vacation is on the horizon, bookmark this checklist or stick a printed version on your fridge.


DO NOT hold back from withdrawing sufficient cash

Depending on the country you’re visiting and the areas you’re about to reach, you can never be sure of how high-tech systems are. Some areas still make use of primitive payment techniques. Some regions are so remote that travellers struggle to find the very basics, let alone lay hands on ATMs and credit card machines. Instances such as spur-of-the-moment line problems could place a standstill on card payment options. Ensure you have enough cash in hand as a contingency, to suit your travel plans for a couple of days without the fear of going destitute.


DO NOT forget to pay travel insurance

No one expects to fall really ill a week before boarding a plane or go through the nightmare of dealing with hospital protocol in a foreign country if you get injured abroad. If you ever did experience this at least once, you’ll realise how travel insurance is worth every penny.

Rush to your insurer as soon as flights and accommodation are booked. Unexpected medical conditions which make travel impossible are covered under a travel policy, as well as flight cancellations, stolen luggage and foreign medical costs. Take the time to read through it carefully and make sure you’re covered for major eventualities. Frequent flyers can ensure they don’t let travel insurance slip from memory with an Annual Travel Insurance, which is set yearly and covers all trips undertaken throughout the year, without the need to buy travel insurance before every trip. Check all the policy terms with your insurer.


DO NOT promote your travelling plans on social media

Social media is information shared publicly, so a status update or an Instagram story can easily reach the wrong eyes and you’ll return back from your holiday to a house empty from all valuable possessions or a stolen vehicle. No one blames you for wanting to boast about your amazing travels, but save that for after the holiday, when you can easily keep an eye on your belongings and their safekeeping.

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DO NOT print airline and hotel tickets before leaving to the airport

You could unknowingly be out of printer ink or paper, the stationery around the corner could be taking a day off, or your phone could be enjoying the last 7% of its battery life. Make it standard practice to have both a printed and soft copy of your flight and accommodation tickets by a week before, for security’s sake. This will save you lots of hassle before getting out of the door.


DO NOT leave your pets alone

Furry friends will get scared, nervous or frustrated if left alone for days. They can easily wreak havoc while you’re away and endanger their own well-being. Owners should come up with various alternatives to providing the best care for pets when they are abroad. Look out for a professional pet sitter or seek help from family members or friends.


Make sure you tick all the boxes and get ready to REALLY enjoy your holiday.