popular paint colours malta

Interior colour trends for 2020 promise vibrancy and effortless opulence. A quick paint job can easily transform your living space into an enchanting scenery without emptying your pockets; whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen or living area. 

Predicting by their popularity, we’ve rounded up the top 5 favourite house paint colours for 2020 that will liven up your apartment or house and make all the guests stand in awe. The next step? Pin point your favourites and expertly curate them for the feel you want to create.


Many industry experts consider Pantone’s Colour of the Year as a hue which soothes the senses, elegant yet universal, possessing a classical impression. We say, the Classic Blue will surely make your feature wall stand out. Accompany with touches of white or blush to give it that contrast. Speaking of blush, check the next favourite and get ready to be surprised. 


blush paint colour 2020

Since the millennial pink made a stir in the interior design world, homeowners cannot get enough of pink vibes around their house. We’re not talking Barbie pink here, but the softest of tint that spells refinement. Whether you’re looking for a touch of femininity or feeling daring enough to make a subtle statement with a neutral shade, we suggest you go for this look. Accent the room with décor touches of greys, whites and blues.  


There’s no surprise here. White has led the list of top colours since years unknown and we can see why. It never goes out of style, it’s neutral but far from boring and it makes a strong statement. Don’t go around thinking you found the perfect colour though – white requires a bit more thinking than the rest. Hues vary based on undertones; beige, grey, blue and the list grows.


burnt orange paint colour 2020

Now THIS is what we call an excitement generator! Its bold hues evoke warmth and cosiness, mimicking the earthy feel of an autumnal landscape. Far from being a standard colour, a burnt orange feature wall will flatter and accentuate in all the right places. Just what we call a real stunner.


grey paint colour 2020

A favourite with the Scandinavian décor enthusiasts is this light shade of grey. It is used as an alternative to white, giving rooms a calming backdrop, which blends with other palettes. Perfect to give a distinct aura to any bedroom, kitchen or dining space.


Beta Paints have crowned Night Owl as their colour of the year – a splendid muted green shade with blue hues that give any room a harmonious feel. We’re seeing this shade sported not just on wall, but also soft furnishings and furniture.

paint colour of the year 2020

Choosing the best colour is more than just an aesthetic decision. With Malta’s bright sunny days, make sure natural light accentuates your carefully chosen palettes. Check out how your decision can save you a couple of cents along the way, too.