sun in malta shining between palm trees and buildings

Many dread the moment they step into the car after it’s been parked in direct sunlight for a full day. The heat is so irresistible that it constricts your breathing and automatically makes you sweat profusely. Complaining about the excessive summer heat is not going to make the 30+ degrees weather go away any sooner, but keeping in mind a few tricks will definitely make you a happier driver.



It might be an obvious thing to point out, but you’ll thank yourself if you dedicate a couple of extra minutes looking for a shady spot. Calculate how long you’ll be parked and take note of the sun’s direction. If the sun reflects on one side of the road in the early hours of the morning, try to park on the other side, so you won’t suffer the consequences of the sweltering heat before you go to work.

sunrise malta as seen from the car



Abide by the season and make a few adjustments to the car storage space. Pack a few towels in a bag and place them in a clean space. They will serve multiple purposes; from impromptu trips to the beach to placing them on the seats and steering wheel to keep the sun’s raging rays away from the surfaces you touch.

stack of white towels to keep in the car



If you’re shopping around for a new car, including additional extras might be an investment. Some modern vehicles are equipped with temperature seating settings, that will feel like a godsend when temperatures start soaring.

cream car leather seats airconditioned



Ditch the cheap plastic alternatives – they’re bad for the environment and can fall off their hooks when left in an upright position for long periods.  Getting one is a drive away – we’ll give you a robust, cardboard sunshade for free when you renew or open a new motor insurance policy from our offices.

car cardboard sunshade branded thomas smith malta



If all else fails, follow a procedure before you get into the car – open doors and windows, start the engine, crank up the AC to full and wait till the air circulates and gets replaced by cool atmosphere. It works all the time and will not take more than two minutes.

car door opened to release heat

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of pulling windows down and leaving the vehicle parked without any supervision, even if it’s just a crack. Many have suffered fury from local wardens and ended up with a ticket. Leaving your windows open whilst parked goes against the law, as it’s an easy opportunity for theft.