mental health workplace

It’s 2020 and mental health awareness is still an issue most people are hesitant to talk about.

Suffering from a mental health problem is no different than being stuck with a cold. We believe that every little helps, hence why the new year will see Thomas Smith continuing on the company’s previous work to boost awareness about the cause and take action to assist our staff in acknowledging and treating such health conditions. Here’s what you can recommend at your own place of work. 

Propose a Staff Support Programme

Let’s all be frank… the majority of our days are spent at work. From dealing with the daily challenges of the job to soldiering trouble from home, those hours will take a toll on anyone. Thomas Smith launched a Staff Support Programme four years ago, in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, giving employees access to professional advice and therapy. This service is given to all the staff as an employment benefit, with expenses paid by the company; where both professional and personal complications can be discussed in full confidentiality. This Programme’s success has reflected on the vital need for psychological support; ensuring that the company’s employees prosper. 

staff support programme

Treat mental health problems as seriously as any other health concern

Physical health issues will put concentration levels in tow; mental afflictions will do just the same. If in doubt, mental health professionals can guide you on how to spot shifts in employees’ mental wellbeing and show staff the compassion they require. Thomas Smith’s Staff Support Programme was set in place to assist all the team to come to terms with any afflictions they might be suffering from and have the know-how required to recognise a cry-for-help from other team members.

Help build a workplace culture of care and empathy

Management together with team members can safeguard employees’ well-being by building a company culture where everyone nurtures each other. 

empathy at the place of work

Understand that personal problems affect work performance

Needless to say, when personal troubles come knocking at the door, it’s not just our personal lives that take a hit. Eventually, work performance might become dissatisfactory, moods start shifting and enthusiasm makes way to lethargy. One should watch out for signs and implement methods to recognise the cause behind them, and together work towards a solution. An employee passing through a mental health problem might need different support than one who’s lacking motivation. The best advice can only be shared by a professional; so if you know someone who needs support or if you’re the one in need, seek a psychiatrist who has the right tools to help through this difficult period.