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Did you ever feel like the first month of the year harbours some of the dullest days? Apart from the sales which appeal to many a-pockets, January is usually full of unrealistic resolutions, weight loss promises, new job challenges, gloomy mornings and our jolly spirits seem to go in hiding together with the Christmas decorations.

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The post-festivities period tends to make us feel slightly melancholic, yet stress and anxiety don’t have a set-off date and can affect us when we least expect it. Finding the correct support channel is critical and at Thomas Smith, this assistance is one phone call away. As of 2016, a Staff Support Programme has been introduced in conjunction with Richmond Foundation, offered to address mental health, partake in stress management techniques and provide assistance to all employees during any challenging times in their lives. We believe that a sound mind at home and at the place of work will bring about a working environment which promotes positive mental wellbeing.

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The Programme offers employees assistance with both work-related stress and personal issues. Studies show that during strenuous times; both our private and work life will be affected by negative repercussions. Our partnership with Richmond Foundation allows us to offer all employees an advice channel which gives ears to any dilemmas they might be facing. The initiative is fully sponsored by the Group and promises full confidentiality.

Richmond Foundation’s professional therapists work closely with our management team to establish ways on how to shape a sustainable environment where employees can thrive. Managers are given training on how they may help with issues following personal or work changes, multiple transitions and anger issues, amongst others. Employees receive guidance about work-related concerns, such as on how to maximise productivity, establish healthy relationships at the place of work and manage change; as well direction with regards to personal topics, such as parental training, personal wellbeing and managing the work-life lifestyle. Employees have had positive feedback about the initiative, as the service has gathered positive feedback since its introduction.

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The welfare of the community is at the forefront of our mission. It is gratifying to see various individuals and organisations prosper following Thomas Smith’s support services. Throughout the year, the Group focuses on helping out the community in as many ways possible, including the Dress Down Friday initiative, where our employees are encouraged to make a small donation. Funds are then donated to a charity or individual of their choice, following a majority vote.

Richmond Foundation is an NGO which has helped many conquer mental health issues for the past 25 years. The Foundation is always at the forefront of mental health debates in Malta and makes sure to leave its mark through awareness and associations with several organisations.