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In between long weekends, trips to the beach and barbeques with friends, a mental list of home care repairs requiring immediate attention will start piling up. The blazing heat is not the ideal setting to undertake home improvements, but negligence will come back to haunt you. Follow this basic list and enjoy the summer with peace of mind.



Instead of waterproofing the roof every year, headhunt the best specialists to keep the roof in top notch conditions and ready to face fierce storms and brutal heatwaves for multiple winters and summers. Tackle this exercise before fixing the top floor into an entertainment/barbeque area.

waterproofing roof home care



After the recent summer storms, reserve an early morning or late afternoon for a cleaning spree. Make use of appropriate safety equipment, brush off any loose debris first and clean the dirt off with a power wash. Avoid materials that may scratch the panels and watch out where the excess water goes; unless you want to end up quarrelling with the neighbours.

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It’s no secret that a pool is the best summer/house accessory. Whether for personal use, guest entertainment or both, the pool area should be tip top ready to brace the influx of swimmers and splashers. Chemical levels should be kept balanced with the health and safety requirements, and the area should be well-inspected to conform with safe swimming zones.

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Simple and quick methods to take care of your shrubs and pots will spare enough time for ice cream nibbling and afternoon water dives. Plants feel the heat too and watering them should not occur on impulse. Specific care depends on the species’ preferred location and growth habits. The best nurturing time is early morning or late evening to avoid water evaporation.

pot plants hanging in the internal yard or roof as part of home care



With the heat come the nasty insects, lurking unseen until they jump out to scare the wits out of anyone in close proximity. Whether you’re an insectophobe or loathe the thought of the diseases these beastly bugs carry, the Pest Control should be the first guy to call every summer to disinfect the house from rodents or insects. Normally, such companies require house owners to evacuate the premises for a few hours and keep domestic pets away for a few days, so it’s best to plan around what the exterminators require.

exterminator applying treatment against bugs and insects for home care


A house is not just a one-time expense, but a lifelong investment. Plan house fixes around family vacations and home parties, and never miss out on the summer fun. Dedicate a few hours to the upkeep of your family haven and enjoy the rest of the summer with peace of mind.