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Outdoor space reminds many of the happy days of childhood spent drenching siblings with hose water, inspecting tiny insects setting up home in between cracks and riding scooters across the roof. Gone are the days when this was the norm. New trends are making their way into our backyards and terraces; as shabby chic décor and string lights take over half-dead plants and clothes hanging lines. Follow the craze and give your outdoor space a boost with easy-on-the-eyes designs.


Wood pallets, plastic bottles and food cans make the best props for a unique touch without breaking the bank. Repurpose wooden pallets as tables, give them a vibrant splash of paint and stuff the openings with small plants or vivid cushions. Plastic bottles and cans can serve as cheaper alternatives for plant pots, which can be hanged from stings to give a wall that feature look.


Greenery makes even the smallest of spaces look like a secret garden. From blossoming flowers to spiky succulents, greens make charming contrasts. If you’re more into harvesting, ditch the supermarket produce section and grow plants yourself. You can easily reserve a small spot to cultivate herbs such as mint, rosemary or parsley.


Nothing says Welcome like a statement doormat at the entrance of a back garden or internal yard. Rugs add touches of colour and character to the surroundings. Place a large throw rug underneath an outdoor dining table to avoid floor markings or use it to make your space cosier.


Happy hour or lunch hour? Whatever the occasion, fill a wicker basket with beverages and sweet treats for a quick open-air delight, ideal for relaxing brunches and bustling evenings. This is a great addition and will keep items handy, plus it can save you time from heading indoors every time.


Once the late afternoon welcomes dusk, you don’t want to be stuck with just the reflection of indoor lights. Creating a cosy luminescence will make your outdoor space more attractive. Strategically placed lights will bring out the best in your design. Loose lighting will create a homey feel to the area, whilst fixed lanterns are better for roofs, so they don’t entangle or scatter with the wind.


A homey alfresco spot isn’t complete without comfortable seating and recreational materials; be it a barbeque to spice up dinners, storage facilities to place cooking equipment or lounges and chairs to host guests.

Warmer weather is just around the corner, so getting your outdoor space in tip-top shape is fundamental. With a few handy tricks and a flair for design, your terrace, backyard, roof or internal yard will look like a snap from Architectural Design. Get all your outdoor items insured together with your indoor belongings under a Home Contents insurance policy, created to protect all your home elements.