fun things to do on a boat in malta

Winter is over… yes, you heard right! Although the sun is deciding whether or not to spread its warm embrace across Malta’s humble terrain, setting our spirits are alive with hope for a summer to remember. During the sunny season, the locals are known to give their marine vessels a new lease on life on the Mediterranean waters and enjoy the blessings life at sea offers.

Marine recreational activities do not always have to include swimming. If you’re not inclined to dip your toes in the chilly spring waters, the Mediterranean can offer serenity in its simplicity. Get your vessel in smooth-sailing shape to avoid any accidents at sea and get ready to lounge as the sea breeze hits.


There’s something about the calmness of a sunny spring day that just spells fishing. A relaxing activity in itself, a fishing experience can become a peaceful co-existence with the marine life, or push the pleasure limits with family and friends. Throw the reel and get in a comfortable position, or put together a group competition to see who grabs the biggest catch. Watch out as a morning of fishing easily transitions into a sleepy afternoon.


For the ones amongst us who are more couch potatoes rather than adventure seekers, the soothing comfort of the water lapping against the hull will emulate a mermaid’s call to sweet slumber. If snoozing off is your comforting hobby, invest in a comfortable mattress on deck and let the gentle rocking of the waves take you to bedtime fest. Ensure you are not a solo sailor. Always leave someone with their eyes stuck to the horizon to watch out for unexpected weather changes.


Every Maltese local is brought up to expect their skin to turn a shade darker as the weather turns one-degree higher. Leaving your skin exposed to the sun for a long time will have harmful effects, but working on a tan slowly will give you a sun-kissed vibe before summer is officially in. Avoid turning into a lobster replica with a strong SPF to fend off sunburn. It will give you a subtle tan whilst still fighting off the sun’s powerful rays.


One can only experience the sheer beauty of Malta’s coast when viewed from sea. Beat the traffic and kick your feet up as you steer the vessel towards picturesque landscape. Pre-plan a route which takes you round the Maltese archipelago. Head to Ħad-Dingli and Żurrieq to view the untouched nature of the cliffs – it’s the only way to appreciate their vast grandeur.


Instead of heading to the same hangout spot every Sunday, break the mundane routine and take the entourage afloat. It helps to have a friend who knows his/her way around a marine vessel; assistance is always a blessing. Whether the group is passionate about boating or just love a cool breeze and a view, a ride-along will get everyone’s spirits high. Transform the outing into a culinary trip. Grill some seafood onboard and keep up with the theme.

Not yet a marine vessel owner? Fantastic times are ahead, so stop brooding about it and make the commitment. Pleasure craft turns up the sensationalism and makes heaps of activities possible. Need some guidance with regards to getting extra peace of mind when at sea? Speak to our marine insurance representatives and get a free quote straight to your inbox.