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It’s the holiday for newbie lovers and veteran couples alike, and it will soon be taking over. Streets are already lined with florists and gigantic teddy bears will soon be making their way into the arms of many beloved. Still unsure on what gift will pave a smooth path to romance this Valentine’s Day? Don’t just pick any gift. Learn which meaningful tribute will earn you points depending on where you stand with your special someone.



Milk, dark, nutty, fruity-flavoured… the choices are unlimited and the supermarkets are stacked high with options. Chocolate-filled boxes have long been associated with Valentine’s Day. Sweet treats are said to have aphrodisiac qualities, although researchers believe substances are too small to generate tremendous desire. Whilst looked upon as a simple and common gift, chocolatey gifts offer the ultimate pleasure thanks to their absolute deliciousness.

box of chocolates for valentine's day



Long live the days of innocent love; when feelings are still budding and stomachs are still trembling with excitement jitters. Plush toys are the ideal gift for sweethearts who have just started dating and want to show their infatuation for each other. Add a fresh rose to the gift for that special touch. Not enough grandeur? Go for a life-size teddy!

large teddy bear gift for valentine's day



Nothing spells ‘Surprise!’ than a sweet escape to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you’ve been together for a longer time or have busy schedules, running away for the weekend will heighten feelings and evoke new memories. Turn the surprise up a notch and plan an overseas trip to make the best out of your time together.

couple having fun whilst spending time together



Eating improves the brain chemistry as it releases energy into the bloodstream. Satisfy the belly as well as the heart. A reservation at your significant other’s favourite eatery is the ideal gift for couples who have known each other for quite some time and want to find another opportunity to spend time together. Struggling with money? Homemade meals show more love, as time and effort are invested in preparing for the lovely evening.

heart-shaped pizza



You’re one who likes to bend the rules and set yourself apart from the rest. Ditch the mundane commercialised items and say ‘I love you’ in a special way. Showcase your character in the gift you have in mind. Let your sweetheart goof around the house on a treasure hunt, where the clues will guide them to a well-hidden box of doughnuts, or leave a ribbon-wrapped album that holds photographic keepsakes which represent the years you’ve spent together.

photo album showing couple memories



If you’ve been toying with this option, it means that you have serious intentions on your mind. You want your undying love to show within the value of the gift. Not ready to pop the question yet? Opt for a pair of timeless diamond earrings with a contemporary touch or select a lavish watch, which symbolises the passage of time you have spent together and the years still to come. Include its value within your home contents insurance, peace of mind is the best love gesture one can receive.

diamond earrings in a box given as a gift for valentine's day


Express feelings in your own manner and choose the perfect gift to accompany you on Valentine’s Day. Over or underestimating your connections will bring about mixed feelings. And if you’re one that leaves it up to the last minute, you can always scour the best florist in town for a bouquet that will make your significant other’s eyes drop.