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‘Tis the season to love and be in love, and with Valentine’s Day just a few hours away, some of you might still be thinking about how to say a special ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s.

We’ve got you covered – there’s nothing which says Je t’aime better than a trip! There isn’t THE perfect destination, but we definitely can share some tips to make sure you make the right choice.

  1. Choose the perfect season to travel

We all go ‘oooh’ when a movie pictures a couple kissing under the falling snow, but the blistering wind and those icy water droplets will not make the trip fun if your sweetheart is a summer lover. The same goes with summer – stay away from beaches and tans if your partner prefers a slight chill in the air.

  1. Do things you both love doing

Whether you’re after a new adventure, or you’d rather settle for your typical leisure activity, keeping in mind what your partner likes to do is crucial – no bickering and petty fights are allowed when you’re on a vacation.

  1. Set up a fancy dinner date

Sharing a lavish plate of goodness will score you extra points.  Whether it’s a five-course menu at a hip restaurant, or a low-key meal at a cosy place, nibbling on good food is the key to a man/woman’s heart.

  1. Surprise him or her with a gift

Nothing will make your sweetheart reminisce about the amazing time spent abroad than a special souvenir bought from your romantic destination. If she’s a bookworm, scour the area for a quaint bookshop and pick up a genre she likes. Tip: write a small love note on the first page and she’ll treasure it for life. If he’s a football aficionado, take a trip to a sports shop and buy him that shirt he’s been dreaming about.

  1. Better safe than sorry

What if the unthinkable happens – no snow falls when you’re at a skiing resort, or your partner broke his/her arm and you can’t go swimming when you’re at the Maldives!? That’s where we come in – unplanned events and medical injuries are covered by our travel insurance policies.

So whether you’re surprising your ladylove with a trip to Roma, or your beau with two tickets to his favourite foreign football match, these tips will surely help you return back more in love than you were before!

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